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The IT industry is so good

How do you get in fast?

Zero basic IT

Friends recommend learning Java

Difficult? Is self-study feasible?

For those who do not understand the IT industry, how should we begin?

1. Define your goals and direction

Many of the friends who are ready to turn to IT are just admiring the high salary of IT industry, in fact, they know nothing about IT industry, and do not know what efforts they need to make if they are engaged in IT related work, there is any difficulty……

Some students stay mostly on the surface, knowing nothing about their major and whether they are interested in it or not.

For this part of the students, it is suggested to consult professionals, their entry point and actual needs after in-depth analysis, clear their goals.

2. Analyze what kind of talents the enterprise needs

Since study is for employment, we must know what kind of talents the enterprise needs.

“What is popular now, what do you need to learn? How should I study so as not to waste time? Where should I find a job after studying?” These are all things you should think about at the beginning of learning.

Only after the research is clear, can we learn in a targeted way, rather than blindly learning. In the end, we have a vague understanding of all aspects, which is not favored by enterprises.

3. Plan your learning process

A. Purchase learning materials

B. Make a study plan

4. Be prepared for the long haul

Learning is a long process of accumulation. Don’t expect to be lazy on the way to learning.

Because self-study is basically a person in the study, there is no teacher supervision, there is no mutual infection of classmates, this long process needs a strong self-control, to be able to endure loneliness, refuse temptation.

In addition, you must have clear learning ideas and very good learning ability. Java, as a computer language, relies mostly on understanding ability and logical reasoning ability. If you have strong learning ability, of course, you can learn more easily.

To sum up 👇👇👇

If you are an excellent student, then don’t hesitate to study on your own.

But to do not understand computer major, learning ability and self-control are not strong enough small white people, I still suggest training study!

First of all, we must tell the truth, small white self-study into IT, just like a blind man across the river to touch the stones, difficulties!

Java is not the most difficult language, but it is not so easy for the little white!

Even if you have a strong learning ability and a good command of basic knowledge, but now the enterprise values practical ability and work experience most, are you sure you can get started in the work and project?

Companies today tend to hire experienced Java engineers rather than train new ones.

As a result, you may spend a lot of time studying, but end up not finding a good job and have to start at the bottom.

Besides, you study by yourself for a year is not as efficient as training classes for half a year!

For zero-based students, the information on the Internet is much and miscellaneous, and it takes a certain amount of time to sort it out, not to mention more in-depth learning after learning the basis.

Also, browsing through a large amount of information can become very taxing, and there is a risk of receiving incomplete or incorrect knowledge.

The training class has a systematic course outline, you just follow the teacher step by step to learn OK.

So, whether you are interested in Java or other languages, college students who are interested in joining the IT industry, or other workers who want to change careers to enter the IT industry, you can try our professional courses to master a hot skill and secretly surpass your peers!

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I wish you a happy learning, learning fast.
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