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In the middle of this year, I saw wukongda’s video about Minisforum GK41 on YouTube, and I was so intrigued that I bought one. The main specific parameters are:

  • CPU: Intel® Celeron® Processor J4125
  • Memory: LPDDR4 8GB (On Board)
  • Network: Dual-gigabit crab card + 802.11AC dual-band Wifi

Think great before you buy it. Buy it! When soft routing! Just run its dual network port and less than daily use of 5~6W ultra-low power consumption!

As a result, I began to tangle when I bought it. Is it too wasteful to use it as a soft route? After all, 128GB OF M.2 solid state can hardly fill up the space for OpenWRT. There is no INTERNAL SATA interface, can not use the abandoned hard disk; It also doesn’t support booting from TF slots, and it’s useless to have a bunch of TF cards in your hand.

Machine bought pre-installed legitimate Windows10, thinking of a long time without Windows, that incidentally play. Therefore, VMware WorkStation is installed and Manjaro Linux virtual machine is installed.

Problem: Client IPv6 cannot be used

Network topology:

  • The GK41 host connects to Wi-Fi through a wireless network card
  • The virtual client uses bridge mode (non-NAT mode) to bridge the wireless network card to join the network

At this point, the virtual client also gets an IPv4 address from the upper-level router and is on the same LAN as the GK41 host.

However, there is no IPv6 network access (since the GK41 has been sold for a long time, I can’t remember whether it can’t get an IPv6 address from the superior router or it has been assigned an IPv6 address but can’t connect to the network). Since I have GK41 at work, being off IPv6 means I can’t easily access the virtual client from home.

Solution process (finally found no solution)

Try: Plug in a network cable, switch your bridge mode from wireless to wired, and IPv6 is miraculous! So the problem must be wireless bridging.

So the author of a variety of information crawling post, all kinds of torment, finally found a 2008 post IPv6+Bridged+Wireless.

This is a known issue, IPv6 is not expected to work over a wireless bridge. When postings of this bug (no. # 26078) covers all of the VMware products, including WorkStation/Player/Fusion. The other reference

(VMware Fusion actually fixed this bug a long time ago, because I have a 2009 MacBook running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and VMware Fusion version 6.0.6. The virtual client IPv6 is normal, including virtual machine IPv6 in later versions of Fusion. So obviously, the bug still exists on WorkStation.)

At this point, give it up, Over. (If you have found a solution to this problem, please feel free to comment, or add me wechat Chaos_John)