We all know that some virtual currency can be purchased directly on the exchange platform, but also can be obtained through mining. So how does this mining come about? That’s the mining machine. So in general, if you want to mine, you have to buy a mining machine first. For example, if you want to mine FIL coins, it is also a mining machine, such as IPFS mining machine. But since the cost of this mining machine seems not to be acceptable to all miners, what should we do? You can try IPFS cloud computing mining, the following to see the advantages of computing mining!

As the world’s largest blockchain early investment project, IPFS is favored by the world’s eight top venture capital institutions. The fastest investment project that can raise 258 million US dollars in one hour is considered to be the third largest phenomenal application of blockchain after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Filecoin mainnet has been launched, the economic model and business implementation have been gradually promoted, and the ecology has been gradually improved.

What is cloud mining? Cloud computing power is one way to achieve a win-win situation for investors. When you want to mine, you usually don’t have a lot of time or money, and a small number of mining machines aren’t worth the effort to manage, so you can add cloud power, add power from a large mine, and use the mining machines directly from a mining mine! In this way, investors can buy mining machine computing cloud leasing, without buying mining machine, without any management, directly download mobile phone APP, so as to achieve mining, can be understood as leasing mining machine to achieve mining!

In FIL mining, we measure the difficulty of mining and the performance of the mining machine has a popular quantifiable method: calculation force. The so-called computing power is the mining machine’s computing power. The more powerful the machine, the more efficient it was, so whenever a more powerful machine came along, miners rushed to buy it to increase their efficiency. With the improvement of the performance of the mining machine, the difficulty of the whole network mining will increase, making the efficiency of the mining machine reach balance again.

The advantage of cloud computing power is that the lower limit of basic hardware configuration is higher than the upper limit of official mining configuration, and there are professional storage servers, computing servers, acceleration servers, switches, etc. At the same time, the machine room, bandwidth, power and on site operation and maintenance have a large premium ability due to the scale effect. At the same time, the hierarchical governance is more flexible, able to quickly iterate and make timely adjustment and response according to the official adjustment.

For investors to buy their own mining machine time-consuming and labors, the advantage of cloud mining force is that cloud mining force mining development, mining machine leasing mining more trouble and worry. Mainly reflected in the choice of currency, mining machine procurement, investment amount, transportation, custody, maintenance and other professional team to deal with, do not have to worry about investors themselves, investors can spend their time and energy on other things, happy to dig coins. The operation of cloud computing power mining and development is also very simple, which can save users a lot of time.