My thoughts

  • Inadvertently, 2021 is already halfway through. This year, I have experienced all of these things in just half a year: leaving (multiple times), breaking up and joining a new company. Or maybe that’s why it feels like time flies, because there’s no time to stop and think.
  • I feel like I’ve been busy, but I don’t feel like I’m working hard enough. I happened to read some statistical articles. The reason why the term “lying flat” is so popular is that the social class is solidified. Even if the young people make efforts, they may not be rewarded, and excessive anxiety leads to giving up and struggling.
  • Of course, after entering the new company, I had a little time to rearrange my thoughts. The current social situation cannot be changed, and we can not just lie down, the brothers who should work hard continue to work hard. After all, busy people will not be fantastical.



  • Work in a company for more than a year, the background of the company is to do intelligent hardware (mainly bracelet), director of one day was suddenly find to talk, now project is stable, see if we can turn your intention to do Java or departure (helpless suffering native boy), I finally left, before leaving the director is also depicts the various benefits of Java, In fact, I also have the intention to learn, after leaving office is also considering whether to switch to Java.
  • After leaving, I watched Java for a while, but I still like iOS (Apple’s Xcode is difficult to use, but its interface is beautiful). After dealing with some personal matters, I prepared for the interview. Finally, iOS.
  • Later or continue to learn Java, but more to do their own things like. (Hopefully with the big guy)

Let’s have an Xcode town building


This matter why also want to say separately, the main is really quite tortuous.

  • Two weeks after leaving, I was busy working in a new company, which is a subsidiary of the group, mainly developing shopping malls. But I left after a month, mainly because the goals of the team were not clear, and what I said before joining was to do the internal application. Later said to engage in shopping mall, and then the positioning of the mall is not clear.
  • The reason for such a hasty entry is that I am also quite anxious (though smiling on the surface), and can’t feel good without a day’s work. However, after the entry, I found that the goal of the team was not clear, and I was even more panicked. I was afraid that I would waste my time here, so I hurried to get the bucket.
  • Then I came to this company, I was satisfied with the salary, the company’s goals were clear, and the company’s product direction was my favorite. Only when I worked on such products, I was passionate, and then my Swift plan was implemented. (The company wanted to Swift the project before, but there were many obstacles) I hope to improve my technology and be more mature in thinking in the new company

Break up

  • Finally got out of the single dog status, and then a week later listed again. The detailed reason, I will not describe here, is their own breakup. (Call me a deceitful womanizer…)
  • Sad? A little bit. But I’ve made decisions that I rarely regret, maybe a little.

Said the end of the break up, say happy point of things, also broke up and two friends drove to Hunan to play, is really the first real sense of the province. The journey was quite satisfactory and my mood was much better. Here are the pictures.

The present

The next day, of course, is to roll up (manual dog head). Again, lying down. Some people say they’re lying down, but they’re actually rolling silently. So ah, don’t believe other people’s nonsense, according to their own actual situation, the volume of the still have to roll, after all, has been lying life is very boring, such as the old when what memories have no.

In the later time, in addition to continue to write iOS, make their own products, but also expand other technical points. In order not to work in the future also have to read more books. Envy other people’s bellyful poetry books, export into a chapter, no matter how much reading is always good, at least less time to play games.

Here to recommend a book recently read “self-control” – [the] kelly McGonagall nigel, watched half now, when it comes to the knowledge about self-control above after you have read most of you will find yourself always understand, but after you have read you will find that the cognition of self-control will be more clear, whenever you want to give up, recalling the above point of view, I found a little more motivation to restrain myself.