Apple unveiled its latest iOS 15 at WWDC 2021, adding and improving a number of new services and features. I’m sure many Apple fans can’t wait to try out the iOS 15 beta. But iOS 15 is only in its first developer beta so far, and there are bound to be some bugs and issues.

What are some of the issues with using the iOS 15 beta? We’re going to share with you some of the issues and bugs that have been reported in the beta version of iOS 15. We’re going to share some of the issues and bugs that have been reported in the beta version of iOS 15.

  • Many of the new interface features are not yet Chinese, and can only be displayed in English
  • Some models of WeChat friend circle can not release video
  • The music player cannot be displayed in the control center or on the lock screen
  • The auxiliary touch function is not sensitive and cannot work properly
  • The wake-up function cannot increase the brightness of the display
  • Emojis does not display correctly in some cases
  • Unable to connect to WiFi network
  • The iPhone can’t connect to a car or a headset via Bluetooth
  • The built-in weather map is buggy and will not display properly
  • Meituan App cannot use camera scan
  • Ctrip and netease cloud music apps cannot be opened
  • JD APP text overlap
  • The volume bar of the video at station B is not displayed
  • Some Apps are updated and withdrawn, including China Life, Oriental Fortune and so on

That’s the FAQ for Apple’s iOS 15 beta. The first beta of iOS 15 has been relatively stable compared to previous releases. Those who like to try something new can give it a try (it’s recommended to back up your phone before upgrading), but those who want to be more stable will stick with iOS 14, the official version.