1. IOS 12 update rate is low, only 10% within 48 hours

According to new data collected by analytics firm Mixpanel, apple’s latest operating system, iOS 12, was only installed on 10 percent of its devices 48 hours after its release.


  • IOS 11 had a 10 percent install rate in its first 24 hours

  • IOS 10 had a 14.45% install rate in the first 24 hours of release.

2. New evidence for iOS 12.1 suggests that the iPad Pro will switch to usB-C port, which could be released next month

Developer Steven T-S found support for virtual 4K add-on displays in Xcode’s iOS emulator after installing iOS 12.1.

Lightning to HDMI adapters are not available on any existing iOS devices, so presumably this is evidence that the new iPad is updating its USB-C port to output 4K video.

IOS 12.1 In the “Setup” initialization Settings application, the string iPad2018Fall appears. Confirmed that Apple will release a new iPad this fall.

Multiple reports had already predicted apple would release a new iPad Pro this year.

3. IPhone XS LTE network speed is 266% faster than X

According to SpeedSmart.net, the iPhone XS and XS Max have significantly improved LTE network speeds over the previous iPhone X.

T-mobile network:

IPhone XS: Upload speed 19.36Mbps

IPhone X: Upload speed is 12.22Mbps


IPhone XS: 16.10Mpbs upload speed

IPhone X: 10.92Mbps upload speed


IPhone XS: Upload speed 14.88Mpbs

IPhone X: 10.28Mbps upload speed

The new iPhone XS and XS Max are both updated with gigabit LTE and have 4×4 MIMO and LAA technology, while the iPhone X is 2X2 MIMO. Integrating 4×4 MIMO greatly improves the bandwidth of the iPhone XS and XS Max. Can support higher data throughput.

4. Google is teaming up with Mobile operator T-Mobile to send police the precise locations of people who report to the police

Google has struck deals with T-Mobile US that aim to send the precise location of Android users who make 911 emergency calls from their phones to 911 centers.

Google’s partnership with T-Mobile US shows that smartphone system providers and Mobile carriers are joining forces to tackle the problem.

5. How to use Xcode to check online code coverage (Ctrip Technology Center)

Cleaning up the useless code in a project is a very important part of daily development. Cleaning up the useless code regularly can not only keep the code concise, but also make the code logic clearer, so as not to leave posterity.

Xcode Code Coverage can be used to check Code Coverage.

Code Coverage can be easily visualized to see Code Coverage, as well as the frequency of Code execution.

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Past information

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