1. What is a database? Database (Database) is according to the data structure to organize, store and manage data warehouse, it produces in before more than sixty years ago, with the development of information technology and market, especially since the 1990 s, data management is no longer just the data storage and management, and transformed into users need a variety of data management. There are many types of databases, from the simplest storage of a variety of data tables to large database systems that can store a large amount of data have been widely used in various aspects. Mainstream databases are: SQLSERVER, MYSQL, Oracle, SQLite, ACCESS, MS SQL Server, etc., this article is mainly about MYSQL 2, database management is what is used? A. Save the data to a file or memory b. Receive specific commands and then operate on the file accordingly PS: If you have the above Management System, do not need to create their own files and folders, but directly pass commands to the software, let it to carry out file operations, they are collectively known as DBMS, Database Management System (DBMS) MySQL installation