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Introduce a free Cloud development tool: Cloud Shell

Posted on Aug. 8, 2022, 6:36 p.m. by Lori Lopez
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While bragging to a German colleague last week, he said he had been playing Cloud Shell, a Google product, in his spare time recently. Jerry has heard that Ali Cloud in China also provides a similar solution, which is to provide a restricted Linux environment in the cloud and can be accessed through a browser. This time, my colleague described the user experience of this Google Cloud Shell as very good. Jerry also tried it and found the steps to use it are really very simple. I would like to share it with my friends in China.

Search Google Cloud Platform, find the address of Cockpit, and sign up for a test account. Like the SAP Cloud Platform, the test account is completely free.

Click the button in the toolbar to activate Cloud Shell:

Automatically opens a new page in the browser, providing Shell access to a restricted Linux environment provided by Google in the cloud:

Uname -a Query the Linux distribution version:

Java, NPM, Git, Node, Docker and other common development and deployment tools are pre-installed:

Want to deploy an SAP UI5 application to the Cloud Shell? It's a matter of minutes. Clone Jerry's Github repository into the Cloud Shell using git Clone:

Nodelocal. js command to start the application, my code is hardcoded to listen on port 3000:

Open port 3000 in Cloud Shell:

The url that pops up at this time automatically contains the port 3000.

Although Jerry uses the SAP cloud platform for his daily work, learning more about cloud solutions offered by other top companies, like my German colleague, would open his eyes, wouldn't it?

For more of Jerry's original articles, please follow the public account "Wang Zixi ":

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