I’m a junior, double non-undergraduate raspberry major. That’s my self-introduction.

Self-study front-end, Node.js, familiar with re, Canvas, basic data structure and algorithm, wengL.

PS AE Fl Sublime Hbulider

In December and begin to pay close attention to the school recruit internship dynamic, gradually joined the school recruit many factory in push group, and ready to move, at the same time also contacted some companies on the Internet, consulting related problems of internship, when it comes to salary, some several hundred yuan a month let me stop, but if finally arrived in the worst case, I would be going to compromise, years later, I started to sort out my resume and works, and hosted the code on Github. I was going to go online, but I didn’t know which rogue registered my student information, which made me unable to authenticate students, so the server was gradually put aside.

After the year, the resume was changed again and again, such as large factory land after land out of internship posts, the resume was cast out, most of the internal push channels, but also some factories require 211/985, can only go to the network, but also in the hook, internship monks and other websites.

For a week, there was no message, and for two weeks, there was still no message. I even tied all my registered email addresses to the QQ email APP, and every day I received “Your resume has been forwarded”. I have never felt so clearly that NO one wants food.

I don’t know when, I suddenly got a phone call, saying that I wanted to make an appointment for the written test, which was the phone call. The next day, I received an interview. Gradually, I received a lot of written test/interview, including some companies I have never heard of, and some relatively good companies.

The first interview, because I am in the school, chose the electric plane, to 3.30, from 2 PM, I wait for the phone, since the childhood to answer the phone, many of them are go to school the teacher called me check homework, huge tension, so that after the interview, I can’t remember what he asked the question, all I know is that the simplest question one didn’t answer, The next time I get a message, it’s time for me to interview GG.

Then, began to receive Ali online evaluation, suddenly, the topic do let me still feel sour cool, so many questions, only reading questions, picture questions with the back of the free questions also do handy, calculation questions is really my life pain.

Meituan’s written test and Tencent’s written test came one after another, and I also started to read niuguo and community discussions, but I still encountered many problems that I had never thought of before. Then it gets cold.

During the written examination in Dachang, I did not participate in the written examination of other companies, the result is completely cool.

There’s still one waiting for the results of the written test, bless my soul.