1. Download and unzip XunSearch

wget http://www.xunsearch.com/download/xunsearch-full-latest.tar.bz2
tar -xjf xunsearch-full-latest.tar.bz2

2. After unzipping, enter the unzipped directory and execute the installation script

CD xunsearch - full - 1.4.10 sh setup. Sh

3. After the installation is completed, enter the installation directory usr/local/xunsearch for executionbin/xs-ctl.sh restartStart/restart XunSearch’s back-end services. It is recommended to add the boot command to the boot script/etc/rc.local, so that the search service can be automatically started after each server restart.

Info: For performance and most requirements, the XunSearch server communicates with the SDK API without encryption and authentication, and by default the server started by xs-ctl.sh is bound and listens on

If your SDK calls are not on the same server as the XunSearch server, use -b inet to start the script, and be aware of using a firewall like iptables to control access to XunSearch 8383/8384 ports. Examples of startup scripts are as follows. The following are all valid ways to use them:

Bin /xs-ctl. Sh-b local IP address bin/xs-ctl. Sh-b inet start // local IP address bin/xs-ctl Bin /xs-ctl. Sh-b Unix start // listen to TMP /indexd.sock and TMP /searchd.sock respectively