Download from the official website is extremely slow. Here are web disk links (including Ubuntu-16.04.7 – Desktop -amd64.iso, VirtualBox- 6.1.14-140239-win. exe and detailed steps to install Ubuntu in VirtualBox!). :…

Extract code: A5L0

Attached: Web disk in accordance with this to solve the following problems:

1. The iso steps for installing the desktop version of ubuntu16.04 with GUI

2. Ubuntu is now obsolete because it defaults to PYTHon2, so if python3.6 is installed:

Python3.6 has been installed, but Ubuntu still uses Python2 by default, so change the default Python for Ubuntu to PYTHon3.6

4. To solve the PIP problem caused by changing the default Python version to 3.6, we need to make some Settings to connect to Mobaxterm for convenience. Here are the steps to connect to Mobaxterm

5. Resolve the PIP command error

Small problem:

1. In Ubuntu, the system displays “Authentication failed” when you use su to switch to root.

2. Change the source

3. Resolve the lsb_release error of the package