In living organisms, stem cells have unlimited self-renewal ability, can repair damaged cells, activate dormant cells. At present, in the industrial field, there are similar “industrial stem cells”.

1 years of cooperation, hand in hand in chongqing between industrial group, based on a wave YunZhou industrial Internet platform from create “stem cell industry” intelligent management system, integrated enterprise information system, to get through the business data, realize the whole dimension digital management, harvesting the authors advocate the value of efficiency, as well as the “double carbon” under the goal of high quality development.

Facing the challenge of cost reduction and efficiency increase

Tianren Group is engaged in auto parts manufacturing, providing lightweight chassis and body assembly products for Changan Ford, FAW Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan and other OEMs.

Quality assurance and cost control are of vital importance to industrial enterprises. In the traditional mode, Tianren Group copies the cost accounting in the book and conducts financial settlement once a week or month, which is difficult to control due to high cost.

In addition to the pursuit of extreme cost reduction, how to increase efficiency on the basis of improving quality is also a test of the management of Tianren Group. Gong Liangliang, chairman of Tianren Group, said frankly that how to connect the newly introduced industrial Internet enabling system with the original information system and complete the transformation without delay determines whether enterprises dare to embrace the digital transformation in depth.

02 from the “industrial stem cell” system to break through the data vein

In the middle of 2020, Tianren Group and Inspur Yunzhou will start cooperation.

Wave wave industrial Internet Gao Sha center general manager said that chongqing liangjiang new area in chongqing industrial landing Internet companies, online liangjiang new area industrial Internet public service platform, liangjiang new area identifier resolution comprehensive secondary nodes, joint laboratory set up industrial intelligent (car), as the wave YunZhou in collaboration with the group of nature and lay a solid foundation.

Man group level by enhancing identity resolution services platform – wave YunZhou chain, the key link of quality identification to products, from raw material steel plate stamping molding – fu code – welding – testing – test – products, can clearly see the product design quality data, quality control data, data of production, storage, reveal the whole process quality data, power quality continue to improve.

Based on the “industrial stem cell” intelligent management system developed by Inwave Yunzhou, Tianren Group integrates ERP, MES, logistics and other information systems, integrates business and data, and unlocks the enterprise data vein.

For example, by using Inchao Yunzhou’s digital “single breakthrough” and silent intelligent transformation capability, problems can be found and solved without delay, and welding process can be continuously optimized to achieve 100% online quality inspection. In addition, through the deployment of Yunzhou Intelligent Manufacturing “Pioneer” integrated machine, the full dimensional digital management of human, machine, material, method and environment can be realized, and the AI model can be established to predict quality defects by AI algorithm.

Gao Sha introduced, Inspur Yunzhou service industry Internet infrastructure construction and intelligent manufacturing transformation, deep farming equipment, electronics, chemical, mining, food, pharmaceutical and other six industries, to provide silent intelligent transformation, enabling enterprises based on the “double carbon” goal of high-quality development and industrial upgrading. At present, the platform has connected 2.75 million sets of equipment, assisted the digital transformation of 1.4 million enterprises, and provided services for all 22 industrial segments.

03 Visible applications

“After using the industrial stem cell intelligent management system of Inspur Yunzhou Platform, the manufacturing cost of automobile chassis development and production is reduced by 30%, and the product quality is significantly improved.” For example, Gong Liangliang said that the annual output of a factory product is about 200,000 pieces, and the manufacturing cost is 15 yuan per piece at the beginning. After applying the industrial Internet solution, the manufacturing cost is reduced to 9 yuan per piece in only 7 months, saving 1.2 million yuan per year for the enterprise.

Based on the 1-year application data, with the help of Inspur Yunzhou’s industrial Internet solution, Tianren Group has increased the quality inspection efficiency by 56%, reduced the labor cost by 38%, and increased the first-pass rate of products by 48%. It has realized rapid performance, timely improvement and incentive of all staff, and truly achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase.

“In the future, we will drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and use Inspur Yunzhou Industrial Internet platform to improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain.” Gong Liangliang said that he recognized Inspur’s industrial Internet services and hoped to deepen cooperation and jointly promote the “intelligent manufacturing” and digital transformation and upgrading of the industry.