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1. The first webpage in history looked like this

CSS has been plagued with bugs since its inception, and different browsers behave differently to ensnares programmers. It is a miracle that we are able to use relatively reliable CSS today.

Hashtag: # programmer #CSS

2. How to convert Markdown free online into portable slideshows?

The installation? The configuration? The command line? … You don’t have to.

Hashtag: # Yushuzhilan #Markdown

3. How did The new Product information website Product Hunt develop? – zhihu

  • The founder of ProductHunt. Co is Ryan Hoover. Now the domain name has been changed to.com. * Ryan originally worked in marketing…

Tags: # ProductHunt

4. Vue drag-and-drop implementation and problem memo

The following is a quick reminder of the simple implementation of drag and drop and the problems with it, which can be used as a building block to expand the development of multiple drag effects.

Tags: # vuejs

5. 21 charts detailing the basics of the web

The following article is from the Network Technology Platform, written by network worker Fox

Tags: # computer network # Diagram # Network protocol

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