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Immersive, interactive cloud services are the direction of the vision industry

Posted on Aug. 3, 2022, 7:24 p.m. by 楊俊宏
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Since the development of communication, from 1G to 5G, people's interaction methods have evolved from audio, text and pictures to video and even various complex applications. In the future, with the rapid development of 4K, 8K and VR technologies and the upgrading of interactive experience, the traffic of the whole network will continue to increase, and the "three high" development of HD, high interaction and high real-time is increasingly becoming a reality. With the support of 5G communication technology and AI technology, **3DCAT real-time rendering cloud platform ** has been exploring and building more high-end and future-oriented cloud services.

The arrival of the 5G era will facilitate the explosion of immersive experiences. With the rapid development of technology and society, users' visual, auditory, tactile and other senses will be immersed in increasingly cool real-time 3D applications, and the boundary between the real world and the virtual world will become more blurred. Whether it's a game or an interactive application of any kind, better visual representation is the only way to make users feel more engaged and engaged.

5G ultra hd applications bring massive concurrent numbers, large files and AR/VR immersive scenarios, all of which require more powerful resources, including network, bandwidth, GPU and computing power. Based on years of technical accumulation and strong cloud streaming technology, 3DCAT can now provide integrated solutions from application creation, cloud streaming, streaming and distribution.

To accommodate different network architectures, the 3DCAT Real-time rendering cloud platform also supports distributed system architectures and centralized deployment architectures. 3DCAT uses a distributed system architecture to reduce the pressure on the backbone of video and audio streams and reduce network latency for video and audio transmission, thus providing a better user experience. The 3DCAT cloud service can be deployed on both virtual machines and physical servers. By invoking the high-end graphics card on the server for high-performance computing, cloud resources can be fully mobilized to achieve efficient utilization of computing resources. By integrating multiple technologies such as coding, streaming, and shared graphics, 3DCAT can effectively solve problems such as stuttering and blurred images and save bandwidth costs. So that users really achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

For delivery, the 3DCAT Real-time Rendering cloud platform integrates industry-leading delivery software to ensure high-speed delivery of 3D applications to the cloud. In the distribution phase, 3DCAT is building a national edge computing center to better support the distribution and sharing of content.

3DCAT is a real-time rendering cloud platform integrating real-time rendering, real-time 3D visualization, pixel streaming and other related technologies. The massive GPU computing power in the cloud is used to process the heavy image rendering calculation and stream the output to the terminal device synchronously, so as to realize the lightweight of the terminal device and make high-quality 3D graphics applications everywhere. Users can access 3d applications hosted in the 3DCAT cloud using any common device connected to the Internet without having to download and install the application. 3DCAT supports almost any rendering engine that can run on Windows, and NVIDIA RTX real-time raytracing is enabled.

At present, 3DCAT real-time rendering cloud platform uses cloud streaming technology in industrial simulation, smart park, medical simulation, game trial, automobile simulation, construction engineering and other industries have related cases. The 3DCAT Real-time Rendering cloud platform provides professional technical services to help users reduce cost and improve efficiency of related products and processes. By using 3DCAT real-time rendering cloud platform, enterprises can not only achieve visual management of enterprise operations, but also easily show enterprise product information to customers, so that customers can have a direct interactive and immersive experience, thus speeding up the sales process. Welcome to the 3DCAT Real-time Rendering cloud Platform experience online demo.

For more information about 3DCAT Real-time Rendering, please visit the 3DCAT Real-time Rendering Cloud platform ** :

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