Joined the Sifur community from December 8, 2018, with a reputation of 1465, 230 likes and 538 fans.

Answered 133 questions, published 48 articles, and had 10.4k views on the homepage.

The initial

I also got to know the SegmentFault community for work reasons, when I joined Swoole…

When you use Swoole, you also get a segment fault(core dump), so you hear Rango, they say ‘XXX’ is causing segment fault, and then you hear about this community called SegmentFault, There, Rango posts about Swoole: Swoole column

For this reason, I often take time to look at the Sivor community and help others with their questions. And now Swoole and Docsify’s community feed is basically my post.

Lucky enough to meet

After entering the community, I had the honor to meet @Gao Yang Sunny, CEO of Sifl, and @Joyqi, CTO of Sifl

There was also some communication, feedback on bugs, and the introduction of Swoole some time ago. See update 2021.01.25: new edition for details

And then feedback a Bug

  • In the article@When the dislocation

The last

Happy 9th birthday to SegmentFault.

Wish the future will be better and better. More and more developers will grow together with SegmentFault, code and think together.

This article participated in the SegmentFault Sifter essay “Sifter’s 9th Anniversary”. Welcome to join us if you are reading it.