Writing in the front

Originally fantasized to start to write this article, there will be endless words. But when I finished writing this very simple topic, I found that I didn’t seem to have so much to say. Probably for a long time did not write the article, turned down the public number found that stop faster for three months. Part of it is preparation for interviews and all that, and part of it is a bit of a loss of expression.


In the spring recruitment of the senior year, because at the beginning he was a staunch anti-996, so he basically passed the overtime companies to find a job, and then came to Beijing this so-called non-overtime state-owned enterprises. Here are my thoughts on the spring Recruitment in 2020. I look forward to it in the first half year since I entered the workplace. The team atmosphere is good, the leader treats everyone well, and my skills are growing. However, the New Year team was busy with project delivery, so there was little development work, which led to a long period of idleness. Of course, this idle is only relative, you can still give yourself something to do. However, in the long run, the space for growth is limited, and I personally care more about the improvement of my own technology.

At the beginning, I didn’t decide whether to leave my job or not. I thought that if I went out to find a job, some companies might not want me. After all, I only had one year’s working experience and I didn’t learn anything. This leads to a vicious circle of thinking that your dish -> don’t dare to change jobs -> skills can’t be improved -> still be the same dish.

I also asked some seniors and programmer friends whether they could change jobs after one year’s work experience. The answer is basically the same: can jump, the premise or to have strength. It is understandable for a graduate to choose the wrong company. It is not a big deal to start over, because youth is capital, so try and make mistakes as much as possible. From an economic point of view, this is a sunk cost. The sooner you make a decision, the better you can minimize sunk costs.

Later, when I learned that my graduate colleagues who joined the company at the same time got the offer, I also made up my mind to change jobs.

During this period, several friends with long working experience told me that it was good to stay in state-owned enterprises, and it was stable. Why go to the Internet? They were tired and unstable. Of course, stability is one of the characteristics of state-owned enterprises, but the more comfortable the environment is more likely to kill people’s enthusiasm. Some things, experienced once do not want to experience again, and some things, the more did not experience the more yearning. I yearn for the free atmosphere of the Internet. Of course, there are also reasons why the salary of the Internet industry is much higher than that of ordinary industries. But most of all, I want to be able to do something fun with a group of like-minded people within the same age range. I think I am still young and in the period of hard work. As my CSDN signature says, “I am most afraid of doing nothing in my life, and I also say that ordinary is precious.”

A little bit about interviews

I attended the interview of eight companies before and after, there are small factories and large factories, of course, there are many companies even resume did not pass (for example, looking for a friend in Xiaomi, said that the recruitment of a year’s work experience, social recruitment is really too cruel). The interview will not expand to say, specific I will be out of a face after the article. Because I always take notes after every interview, so it is more authentic.

Below is a screenshot of my LeetCode swiping record, which I spent almost all of May and early June swiping to prepare for the interview:

What have I done since I left

Rent a house

It took only three days to find an apartment, see it and sign the contract.

I found a lot of articles about renting on the Internet, and also sorted out the strategies for renting. After that, I have the opportunity to share my own renting experiences. In short, the money says everything. With a limited budget, you have to sacrifice something. Because I don’t like to live with roommates (I’m worried about roommates being difficult to get along with), I sacrificed my commute (which now takes 1h-1.5h each way) and chose to rent a one-bedroom in a far place. It’s really comfortable to live 60 square meters alone.

Leave to travel

Everyone should go to Tibet once in his life. As I joked to my friends before I went to Tibet, I went there for a pilgrimage, to cleanse my mind from the ravages of work.

During the six days in Tibet, I really felt the beauty of nature, and I also made a pilgrimage to Tibet religiously, not for anything else but the phrase “Tashi Dele”.

The following is the flight trajectory of my departure trip. I started from Beijing and went to Xining, Lhasa, Chengdu, Shanghai, and finally returned to Beijing.

Hot curly

Since I’ve been growing my hair long, I took the opportunity to curl it a little. After going to the new company, more than one female colleague asked me if I was an ethnic minority, and praised me handsome, ha ha ha did not expect that.

Some comparisons between the former division and the current one

It has been a month since I joined the new company. Generally speaking, I am quite satisfied and glad that I joined a good team. The leader is easy-going and gets along well with new colleagues. And mentor specially took me, not only to guide me familiar with the source code of the project, but also to teach me some basic but I have never been exposed to the actual development experience, is really very serious to guide me, WHICH I am very grateful.

I’m a free person myself, and the free atmosphere of an Internet company is exactly what I want.

Although it is true that the working hours are a little more than before, after all, before the state-owned enterprise was 9-5.5-5, now 10-8.5-5, also ok, not as exaggerated as 996.

Work because of business needs, I also from the back end to the full stack. I used to work on the Python back end, but now I start to learn Vue + Golang. It is quite challenging to work on the front end and back end together, and I like it very much.

Write in the back

This article is actually written in a bumpy way, after the first draft is completed is not satisfied, until now is the third night of the revision, finally found a point before the public number to write the feeling. Fortunately, the back should be often updated, because there are too many too many want to write, such as the face, such as renting strategy, such as home life guide, such as north drift a year memoir and so on.

The past can not be admonish, but the future can be pursued.

I’m Wonz, a programmer who likes to think and write.