Today, I would like to share with you the interview process of a big man from JINGdong. After working in a traditional enterprise for three years and two months, he finally changed his job to Jingdong and got the offer from a big factory. Study notes at the end of the article!

Jingdong side

Thread pools are used by thread pools. What parameters do thread pools have?

2. Collection framework knowledge, hashMap, ArrayList, LinkedList source code related knowledge, basic introduction of the whole again, and Hastable, ConcurrenthashMap mutual association and difference

3. Say how many garbage collectors, CMS collector has several processes, pause several times, will generate memory fragmentation. What’s the problem with memory fragmentation in the old days?

4. Talk about quicksort and time complexity?

5. Introduce the parental delegation model

6. Java synchronization and volatile keywords

7. JVM memory partition, why should there be new generation and old generation

8. Did you do a VM memory optimization?

9. What is the difference between a primary key and a unique index

10. What is the difference between a clustered index and a non-clustered index?

What is the difference between innoDB and MylSAM?

12. What is stored in the Data field of innoDB’s B+ tree index leaf node? Does MylSAM’s B+ tree index leaf node’s Data field store primary keys or physical addresses?

Jingdong 2 face

MySQL Innodb b+ tree index, primary key index, cluster index

2. Four database features

3. Four isolation levels for transactions

4. JVM scenario problem, memory fragmentation caused by the old age, causing full GC, what might happen next.

MySQL > create row lock table lock optimistic lock

MySQL > create deadlock; MySQL > create deadlock;

7. What does ZooKeeper in Dubbo do

8. What are the core concepts of AIO, NIO and BIO?

9. What are the commonly used NIO frameworks? Advantages and disadvantages

Jingdong Three Sides (Director side)

1. How does Redis ensure thread safety in distributed mode

2. Redis persistence methods and differences

4. Kafka architecture, how to use Kafka to ensure the order of messages

5. What does database optimization include? MySQL optimization, talk about two examples of your optimization.

6. Introduce the core design process of the most technically difficult project.

7. At work, there is a technical bottleneck that cannot be solved. What is your solution?

8. What are your career plans for the future?




Big guy’s success is not achieved overnight, but behind all the hard work, from the back of the chat process that light in learning this together than others pay more!

Finally, the big guy’s interview materials free to share with you, I hope to help you

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I heard thatThree even a keyDid your fans get the job interview? Also wish all readers can harvest their favorite offer!