I am writing this article as an experienced person, hoping to give some advice to those who have just entered or are about to enter college. Don’t wait until you are about to graduate or go out to find a job before you know the importance of knowledge and skills.

I only have a college degree, and my major is mechanical engineering. When I was a freshman, I took classes honestly and participated in various club activities of the school, which made me feel quite fulfilled. To the sophomore may be affected by the classmates around, addicted to Internet bars every day, sleep all night during the day, play of joy.

After two and a half years, I had to go out for an internship in the second half of my junior year. I successfully entered a logistics company. During the internship, the salary was about 4000, and the work content was boring. That’s how I got to college.

After graduation from the university to work only to know how cruel the society is, low wages and large costs, many places need to use money, wages on the moon, not to mention what deposit, in fact quite panic; Occasionally, a friend said that the front-end engineer salary is quite high, let me have nothing to pay attention to. And said that the development of this industry is better, high income development space is large, suggested that I learn the front end, at present, some big domestic Internet companies and software companies crazy recruitment, no matter in the company to work or do private work, certainly hungry die.

So I began to learn Web front-end from May last year. It took me about 8 months. Now I am working as a developer in a software company in Nanjing, and the technical department has about 30 people. The salary is 12K, five social insurance and one housing fund. I feel very lucky, after all, the university wasted so much time, more than half a year after graduation to find a job with a monthly income of more than ten thousand, really is a lot of luck. So I want to tell you that it’s never too late to learn, but it must be as early as possible.

I chose self-study because no money, if I have money will choose training or find a teacher to take me to learn on the Internet, find a job because of self-study probability is very low, do not have any learning methods, have a problem difficult to solve in a short time, the place where I feel lucky because there is a good student, in the process of learning, meet don’t understand the place, He would explain it to me. It was because of his help that I persisted. If you do not have such a friend, I suggest that you can add some learning atmosphere is better learning group, for the self-scholars really help a lot. Sometimes my friends are too busy to reply to me in time, so I ask them in these study groups. Now, when I’m not busy with work, I also answer beginner’s questions in these groups. If you can’t find a good study group, you can add this QQ group, 484 757 760. I got help from a lot of people when I was studying on my own.

I would like to share with you some points that should be paid attention to in the learning process:

1. Watch videos mindlessly, but rarely practice.

The normal learning state is to spend more time writing code than watching videos. The video just gives you an idea of what to learn, so you can code a lot so you can understand it and use it. Many people, after learning, can read code but can’t write it, or learn what’s behind and forget what’s ahead. It’s because I don’t practice enough. Assuming you spend six hours a day learning the front-end, you should spend at least three hours practicing coding. You’re wasting your time watching videos and not typing code.

2. When you start to learn, don’t read a book.

Because the book is some professional relatively strong vocabulary, more boring difficult to understand. And the video is a teacher to explain the knowledge points to you in a simple and easy way, can let you get started more quickly. Begin by watching a video, learn JavaScript and then combine it with a book. Books like JavaScript Advanced Programming and JavaScript You Don’t Know are recommended. After reading these books, there will be no problems with JavaScript at the grammar level. JS is the focus of the front end, the JS foundation solid, behind the framework of learning will be very fast.

3. The whole learning process is chaotic and there is no systematic arrangement.

To be good at choosing points means to save time, and not to be busy with the territory is equal to random blanks. A person with good study habits will have a clear plan to do anything. Therefore, before looking for video learning, be sure to find a systematic learning route, according to the learning route to develop a learning plan, how long to finish learning in the heart has a bottom.

4. Lack of process to communicate with professionals.

In the early period of learning, the most learned things must be learned from others. Learning professional knowledge, not by their own tenacious will, more is the need to communicate with others. It is really twice the result with half the effort, and the efficiency will be greatly improved. There are no friends around you who can discuss learning with you, so we can add some front-end communication and learning groups with good learning atmosphere. By communicating with experienced people, we can learn a lot of good learning methods and skills, which can improve our learning efficiency. Can not find good study group, can add this QQ group. 484 757 760. When you communicate with someone better than you, sometimes a word from someone else will give you an insight. If you have a problem that you can solve yourself, you can also help to solve it. In the process of discussion, you can also deepen your understanding of the knowledge point.