Today we’re going to talk about how you can protect your privacy from the source.

For a long time, we’ve been living in the real world and the advent of the Internet has created a way to connect to the “parallel universe” and we’ve begun to live a new life in the virtual digital world

Surfing the Internet has become a part of life. The online lifestyle constitutes the “new life” of human beings in the digital world. However, there are hidden risks behind it

In the digital world, we are like “little transparent” shuttled through various apps to enjoy various services, while our personal information may have been “sold” 3,000 times

The flood of data has also made companies rich

Our data is processed by an AI data factory into a variety of products

As a result, AI technology and data privacy protection can not have their cake and eat it too

As data privacy gets more and more attention

The conflict between artificial intelligence and data privacy is growing

Solving the conflict between AI and privacy is the biggest bottleneck

How to make data flow safely with privacy protection? How do you get different organizations to come up with data and share it?

Rosetta had an idea!

Since the data needs to be protected so that the data is available but not visible, that’s fine

Rosetta has worked hard to carry three cutting-edge technologies, privacy computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence

The avatar is a new generation of privacy AI open source framework to protect data privacy

What does Rosetta do?

While TA integrates common AI frameworks, ** can use privacy computing algorithm to transform various AI operations/operators of the framework into operators with privacy protection **

It’s like putting a cloak on the data so that it can flow safely even when it’s invisible

Cryptography is hard, but Rosetta is simple

Thanks to a key can be transformed into privacy protection mode

Developers who know nothing about cryptography can use it with ease

Rosetta is gradually integrating several major AI frameworks

Added privacy buff, fighting power extraordinary!

Note: Currently TensorFlow is the main focus

Privacy computing algorithms have high performance requirements

Rosetta’s underlying C/C++ implementation of cryptographic algorithms + industrial optimization

Enabling brain-taxing, private computing algorithms to run at high speed

As a “direct disciple” of cryptography

Rosetta supports secure multi-party computing, zero-knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, and a variety of other algorithms

Federated learning, trusted execution environments will also be supported

Easy to use, complete, flexible and efficient

Rosetta is not just about research

It can also be applied to finance, medical treatment, industry, big data, government affairs, marketing and other industries

Take data from good to good

Rosetta allows us to enjoy the benefits of AI technology while protecting our data sovereignty

What else do you want to know about privacy computing, Rosetta? Let us know in the comments section!

Open source is all about cohesion. You’re welcome to give Rosetta your advice!… Thanks for your support!