If you are a new media operators, if you also have their own WeChat public, so, if you want to combine WeChat answer small programs, to do the knowledge competition, there is such a scenario, only concern WeChat public to participate in the answer of the activity, or insert a # in WeChat public articles problem solving activities small program links.

Scenario case:

How to insert the link of the small program in the WeChat public number article? In fact, it is very simple. The operation steps are as follows.

1) After logging in the WeChat official account, click “Graphic Material” and click “New Creation”, as shown in the picture below:

2) Click “Small Program” in the graphic editing interface, as shown in the picture below:

3) In the pop-up interface, enter the name of the applet /AppID, press Enter to search, and click “Next” when the search is reached.

4) As you can see, there are four ways of presentation, we might as well have a try respectively, what are the effects, and then choose one suitable for the artistic conception of the article

① Display mode one: text

Display effect

② Display mode two: pictures

Display effect

(3) display mode three: small program card

Display effect

(4) display mode four: small program code

Display effect

I am a small program code picture. JPG ~


In the operation of WeChat official account, we often encounter such scenes as interacting with fans, giving feedback to new and old users, or attracting new customers. By inserting the small program of competition in the article of WeChat official account, we click to participate in the answer immediately.

The above is a WeChat public number combined with WeChat small program operation skills to share. But, the clever, you tell me, I only have the public number has no small program, how to do? If it was someone to help build it, who could it be? Where could he hide them?