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I believe you may have read the last article, may also get a lot of interview notice, the next is the most important, interview! In the building main workplace also has faced about 100 people or so, this building main summarized a few points need everyone to pay attention to

Warm tip: all items do not include technology, management, and BAT bosses, please leave the keyboard with both hands, the upper right corner exit.

1. Appearance and communication attitude

  1. Be sure to pay attention to your appearance. You need to dress reasonably, wear well and look clean. A haircut, a wash, a face, a shave… Dye your hair yellow and I’ll think about whether you’re a programmer or how much you think about writing code.

  2. Mental outlook must pay attention to, to speak confidently, eyes do not blurred, lax attitude, can not raise the spirit. Be positive and willing to shed blood for the company. .

  3. Be gentle and come across as easy to talk to, rather than being pushy and giving the interviewer Pointers. (Conflict with the interviewer is not recommended, if you don’t want to work for this company, so be it…)

  4. Act sensibly and show respect for the interviewer.

Some people may not pay much attention to appearance and speaking style, but it is definitely a way to get a foot in the door. If you do not do well in these areas, the overall tone of the interview may be that this person is not good, and you may need to take a lot of technical steps to change this situation. For the second and third-tier cities, if the salary is not high, the technical requirements may not be very high. What matters is whether a person is obedient, easy to communicate with, has the correct working attitude, can fit into the team well (don’t quit because you gave me a front-line job), and whether he is willing to learn. If, during the interview, A person I talk to really well, have a high eq, and feel comfortable working with, it’s probably just a passable technique.

2. Technical interviews

  1. Don’t interview for Java, mention that you have C or PHP experience. Then I would think your working life is questionable. Then ask how long you actually work on Java. (Unless you understand that the company needs both Java and PHP)

  2. When describing your work experience, brief work experience or highly repetitive project experience (unless you have nothing else to say) should be briefly summarized. Don’t spend half an hour saying “I curd” or “I curd” only to be interrupted by the interviewer. I am the leader of the xx team or I design xx (such as code specification, security framework) for the company.

  3. During the interview, direct the interviewer to ask about your preparation skills. If the interviewer asks you about mysql optimization, you can answer using indexes, and then continue to say that the index uses B + trees to make it faster. If I were the interviewer, I would continue to ask: Please tell me about B + trees… That’s when you install x. In the interview, there are several aspects: Java foundation, Spring bucket, database optimization. So with this plan, prepare a little bit more, keep the pace of the interview on your own, and also deepen your skills.

  4. In the interview (resume) process, a little knowledge should not mention… As in your above process questions interviewer: please tell me b+ tree you: emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I just read, not in-depth understanding…

  5. In the introduction of source code or some complex logic, the interviewer’s general purpose is to verify that you have read and understand, not to ask you to memorize, so in this kind of question just need to tell you the process of understanding, rather than to recite the name of the class, and then say not all.

  6. Avoiding the interviewer question is not recommended because then I already know you can’t and I will stick to the question until you can’t. “, even if you don’t want to get around the problem, you can say: I haven’t touched your project, but I have worked on this project (instead of XXX).

  7. Do not know to say master, understand is proficient, can ask out!!

Technology is really is, not is not, but to master some skills, allows you to the interview time and towards the more handy.

Hr side

  1. In terms of salary, you can’t say dead, given a range, and then say in accordance with the situation in the determination of salary, such as overtime, year-end bonus, if the interview is good, not to be able to sit on the starting price…

  2. In terms of separation intervals, if you leave too often, be sure to give a reasonable reason, such as long unpaid periods, special circumstances, or your technical skills, otherwise it’s a minus. (A company stays at least a year; if less, the risk of hiring is assessed.)

  3. Emphasize your stability, if you go from one city to another, you can say that your girlfriend is here for marriage, and then stay in the city for a long time… You know…

  4. Inside the volume of skill, can work overtime can travel!

For the company, the cost of hiring is far greater than paying you, hiring, interviewing, training, handing over. The total loss after leaving can be more than double your salary, so assess the risk for unstable employees, even if it’s appropriate. So showing that you’re willing to stay for a long time is very, very touching.