SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a cliche. People who do technology tend to ignore this problem, because they feel “simple” without technical content, but for many small and medium-sized enterprises, it is a full rigid need. Probably every year will receive a lot of friends of the phone, ah ~~ brothers, website you do not help me do, SEO must help the brothers, I do this new website Baidu search is not ah. Most of the answers to these questions are: “If you want to make money fast, pay the search companies the money they need to protect them.” But such answers often hurt friends’ feelings because they seem to be perfunctory. So I intend to write an article about SEO to systematically explain SEO.

Fee for each engine eldest brother is the best way to promote, but there is a problem that is for the most ordinary small companies is a key word can’t put up with a wide range of promotion of burning money, moreover the keyword promotion co., LTD., for a lot more savvy visitors will be in the search results directly to ignore advertising search results. Obviously, in addition to paid promotion, if a company wants its website to have a high number of user views is to do extra work.

Before you do seo, it’s important to understand how the search engine’s “crawlers” work.

A crawler is a group of web robots sent out by a search engine to discover and update content throughout the web every day. Whether web pages/audio/video or PDFS are retrieved, they are found through links.

In the case of Google, the crawler starts with a few large pages and then continues to search for the hyperlinks contained within the pages and then expands, placing new urls into the Caffeine database.

For the new site you must first confirm whether your url has been included by the search engine, if the search engine is not included, the following work can not be done. It’s easy to find any search engine and type (your website). If not, submit it to search engines. Baidu will direct you to the Baidu webmaster where to submit your site, while Google’s is the Google Search Console. Usually these search engines will give you a validation link to put in the page or validation HTML file to put in the site root directory, after verification is successful within 24 hours search engine will be included in the url.

For example, take Tencent Cloud as an example. Its website conducts the following verification against the mainstream search engines in China:

<meta name="baidu-site-verification" content="Yqh6LFzxHs">
<meta name="sogou_site_verification" content="j0R8AKzqAJ">
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="P8iDSYbE4VrjAChnoh_9k3LwsPJt9m614Nn5_fMhsuo">
<meta name="360-site-verification" content="79a4c7ed94a9bec6d181e125c65cc6aa">
<meta name="shenma-site-verification" content="d33db0ae4613f827196c6e785aaeee4d_1509506173">
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After the engine is included in the work, almost all people think of is the keyword optimization, at this stage many people think of is the use of tags in the keyword and description two attributes crazy to add keywords related to their own industry. Then go to all kinds of garbage sites crazy hanging outside the chain. But I must say it here: no! There are! The eggs! Use! The algorithms of modern search engines have long regarded tags as a source of spam, bypassing them when crawling data. And hang outside the behavior of the chain in a little formal website is almost equivalent to block.

So the question is, how do I guide the reptile to the keywords I want to feed him? This requires understanding the algorithmic behavior of the crawler. The first thing to remember is that the crawler will only crawl to the static HTML generated by the server in the first place, and the dynamically generated website is a blank page for the crawler. For HTML, the crawler preferentially traverses the outermost text string. For example, let’s look at the following code:

<div class="container">
  <div class="row">
    <div class="col-md-3">The original price is only 200 yuan, 300 yuan bag,</div>
    <div class="col-md-3">It's only 20 bucks</div>
<p>Huang He, the owner of the Jiangnan tannery, ran away with his sister-in-law</p>
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We all hope that the search engine to the user is “the original price as long as 200 yuan, 300 yuan bag, all as long as 20 yuan” business information, webpage layout is also in the front, but the search engine to the user is likely to be “Jiangnan tannery boss Huang He took his sister-in-law ran” such junk information. The reason is that the crawler gives priority to the Chinese characters nested in the outermost layer of HTML in the process of traversal.

So besides nesting, what other sensitive information in HTML will be crawled by search engines as keywords? This is where HTML5’s new tag comes in

Tip: HTTP /2 sites usually rank above HTTPS, and HTTPS sites above HTTP when using network communication protocols, so make sure to use secure communication even for a normal static site.

Stones from other mountains can attack jade, how to dial a thousand jins

At the beginning of this article, the working principle of the crawler is briefly introduced, and it is known that all crawlers crawl information through hyperlinks. So since disorderly hanging of the outer chain is a dead-end behavior, how to use others’ platform to introduce crawlers reasonably and legally?

Here you need to really do a good job of the website to work hard, to know that the birth of the search engine is not just for keyword search, more important is the answer to the question. In order to highlight the social value and market value of their existence, search engine search results are always the first push right (dang), ran, ping (ye), you (che) answer (Dan) case. For example, when searching for questions in Google, wikipedia and StackOverflow are often at the top of the list. In sogou ask in the front is Zhihu, in Baidu search is often baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know and so on. If you are able to provide high-quality answers to these platforms, it is clear that your answers will have high traffic. As the author, you also own the copyright to your answers, and it is perfectly reasonable for you to provide a link to the original text of your answers from the site you want to be SEO optimized. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether the user clicks on the hyperlink or not, what matters is that the crawler gets to it every day.

You think that’s the end of it?

If it ends here, this article will be no different from those “7 days to Teach you how to become SEO” and “SEO You too”. It’s a never-ending game between artificial SEO optimization and ever-improving search algorithms. But whatever the form of the game, the search engine’s intention to provide users with the best web page remains the same.

The compatibility of mobile terminals and the speed of first-screen rendering are now also included in the evaluation system of search engine ranking. More than 50% of the traffic of search engines comes from mobile terminals, and if the mobile terminal is not supported, the search engine ranking of mobile terminals will be abandoned at the first time. For example, we can use Google mobile terminal test tool [Please science Online] to test the mobile terminal compatibility of the website. If not, the developer needs to adjust immediately.

Page open speed is also an important key point of SEO, for search engines, faster access to a snapshot of the page this is very important a regulation included action, if at this time your site 3 seconds after the white screen so in search engine ranking results can be imagined. Unfortunately, I’ve met a lot of friends who have spent thousands of dollars on websites that have died on this issue.

Fancy websites ≠ good websites

Almost all my business friends told me, hey ~ you know, I met a 800 yuan can be a key to generate a website, 1000 yuan can choose a template website. It’s so cheap. I tell you all how it is. Friends often refute me where shit, this does not look pretty? You can’t ask me to be a small temple by the corporate standards of the Internet.

In fact, a very simple truth can be understood, the domestic Land Wind and Land Rover have the same appearance, do you think they are the same type of car? Because you know the difference between them is right under the hood where you can’t see it. The same is true of websites. You can use Google Performance tests to test the performance of a website, and you will find that most one-click websites or templates will open after 3 seconds, which is unacceptable under the search engine and user standards of 9012. The reason is that this kind of company in order to look good in the product, will be crazy in the template piled up with all kinds of high definition no code big picture, for the buyers who do not know the industry will produce very cool sensory stimulation, think beautiful cool, but these are really not a good website. Because images account for 60 percent of the bandwidth, they are the main culprit, with 70 percent of users shutting down and choosing another site after three seconds. Those nice-looking pictures are the doormen that drive your clients away.

There are many kinds of schemes for the first screen rendering of the site image optimization, each scheme will have its own advantages and disadvantages, it can be said that different people have different opinions, there is no standard unified answer here I just briefly introduce several common:

1. Use background-color current fill, and then use PNG transparent image to load the ornament.

This method is often used to display large pictures on the home page. The advantage is to avoid the loading of large pictures. Even if the user is in the case of low network speed, the overall layout and design of the website will be displayed at the first time, and the LOADING of PNG pictures will play a decorative role at the end.

2. Use the Webp image format

WebP is an image format launched by Google in 2010 that offers both lossy and lossless compression. At the same sharpness, WebP reduces the file size by 45% compared to PNG files. Unfortunately, not all browsers are compatible with WebP files, and so far WebP is not the mainstream image format.

So when using WebP images to speed up web page loading, we often choose dual image mode.

#pic {
  background: image("douni.webp"."douni.jpg");
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3. High/low split screen

This is a time-worn way to render images differently for normal browsers and HD screens.

<img alt="my awesome image"
  srcset="banner-HD.jpeg 2x, banner-phone.jpeg 375w, banner-phone-HD.jpeg 375w 2x">
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  1. progressive

What we mentioned earlier is for ordinary web pages, especially the first way to use background-color current padding is for pages with low design requirements. But for a lot of very high graphic design requirements of the site, the above several ways are often not feasible. Like an architectural design firm or an art firm. These companies ask me to show hd no code big picture, I just want the user to open, my picture will be complete display. This is where you need a gradual loading approach, an effect that many of you have seen, where you start with a fuzzy image and then it gets clearer over time.

Here we need to use Photoshop tool to complete, in the PS software select file/export/save to WEB format, and then select the “continuous” option to export. Of course, this method is not without disadvantages, that is, the file size is larger than 20%.

Said so many things about SEO, in fact, frankly speaking, an article is far from covering the full range of KNOWLEDGE of SEO, more or rely on website holders to be able to convey valuable information to the Chinese Internet. Creating value is the core of Internet development.