1. First of all, determine whether the network is adjusted by the wall. Access to Google chrome not some of the server is not a wall, the first and the ping ping chrome-devtools-frontend.appspot.com chrometophone.appspot.com if both can ping through, Type chrome://inspect into your Chrome browser to find the page you want to debug

2. If the two sites above do not ping we will do the following (1) go to site http://ping.chinaz.com/ and (2) enter chrome-devtools-frontend.appspot.com and the sites we want to ping respectively

Chrometophone.appspot.com click the ping test will test results as below, can find ping IP as shown in figure 1

(3) Put the IP we found (select two of the corresponding fast IP) into the hosts file as shown in Figure 2 below

Then save and exit, open the browser and type chrome://inspect again to find the page we want to debug

Figure 1

Figure 2