I do not know when the WeChat group chat and circle of friends on our mobile phones became the hot property for marketing and advertising. Especially in the past two years, social e-commerce, based on WeChat ecology and relying on WeChat low-cost customer acquisition, has seen the rise of different forces. Why is social e-commerce so popular now? In essence, it is because the channel is closest to consumers and has high stickiness, which simplifies the process from introduction to conversion of traffic, which is the basis for the survival and development of social e-commerce. So, how should enterprises cut into social e-commerce? What factors need to be considered to build an e-commerce platform? The following is a brief analysis of building a social mall system. 1. Development Language E-business software development languages are mainly Java, PHP and.NET. Considering performance and cost, most enterprises will choose Java or PHP. Usually different development languages are used, and the stability, security and fluency of mall systems are also different. Enterprises should comprehensively consider the actual needs and choose suitable e-commerce software. The operation modes of e-commerce platforms include self-operation mode (B2C mall) and franchise mode (B2B2C mall). According to the supported client can be divided into: mobile APP mall, small program mall, WeChat mall, HTML5 mall and other types of mall, from the current situation of enterprise applications, most will be based on B2C or B2B2C model, of course, enterprises should consider more combined with their own development situation. The functions of the mall system usually include commodity management, order management, promotion management, member management, logistics management, data statistics and marketing management and other functions. In addition, if the enterprise also wants to add some personalized functions, it needs to be realized through additional customized development. Fourth, the second development of a good mall system can greatly promote the business expansion of enterprises. In the process of continuous development, the mall platform also needs to make secondary development and adjustment according to the market environment, in order to continuously meet the needs of consumers and platform business changes. If the mall system does not support secondary development, it is easy to make the development of the platform passive. So in the long run, the choice of mall software must provide source code, in order to support later secondary development. We often say, “Do things in a professional way.” Building a mall system is the same, so how do we judge whether the software provider is professional? It is recommended that you can choose the CRMEB mall system. Note in the mobile Internet software design, research and development, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. The advantage of social e-commerce is that it is more efficient. Closer to consumers in the transaction process is the key to the success of the social e-commerce model.