Now live in tuyere, so many enterprise businesses are trying to build its own open source shopping mall and live in the time to build open source live mall must be based on goals and development prospect of mall, choose the professional system software can help us create mall, competitive advantage, so how to choose the suitable mall live video system? The following small series for you to share a few choose small program live mall system 3 key points, together to understand it! First, open source code First to know what is open source, referring to their own do not belong to someone else’s source code, is likely to be a little round, pop, I don’t open source refers to the commercial source to use to pay fee to the source developers, and can be used only once, secondary use need to pay again, and open source code is developed, we would like to how to use how to use, Want to build a few platforms on a few platforms, no restrictions. Second, whether can secondary development For buying finished goods source has a lot of can not satisfy all the needs of the business, so this time you need on the basis of the finished product source for secondary development, but there are a lot of market is your template development of source code, a lot of the underlying framework are fixed, you want to change the words will change the entire framework, equivalent to say can’t change, This source is too limited, recommend you do not buy, so the source code said not secondary development is asked, is not a template development, purchase source must buy the original development of the finished source code. Three, the source of security Now on the market is a lot of ultra-low price source, and even some don’t money, but don’t go to use, basically there will be the existence of the line, he will make all your database information to steal, and selling, specialized company is everywhere on the market to buy the source code and then line, give you free of charge, Selling through the back door to steal your database information for the business, and the source than the back door so simple, and the virus exists, he would have found in your source code back door ready to remove, in order not to left their mark, they took the virus self-destruction, cannot use all source code and platform the collapsed, so be sure to buy normal development of the source code of the company, If something goes wrong, we can find someone. If you want to have your own live streaming mall system, you can choose CRMEB. CRMEB focuses on mobile Internet software design, research and development, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, we will wholeheartedly serve you.

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