Recently a lot of friends are considering job-hopping, “interview build rocket, work screw” this saying is very consistent with their current situation! When it comes to preparing for an interview, it’s really not easy, and I’ve collected a lot of Java advanced interview resources in my spare time!

And this 180 pages of 100+ questions 15W+ word analysis of the “Java advanced interview guide” is even more deeply my heart, 100+ questions include: Message queue, Redis cache, MySQL library/table read/write separation, high concurrency system design, distributed, high availability, SpringCloud micro-service architecture, etc.

Note: Due to the length of the interview, this “Java Advanced Interview Guide” uses screenshots to show all the questions and some of the answers. (Forgive me for being lazy and not wanting to type…) , but if you need a complete answer analysis, you can send the original copy to share and learn, add little assistant vx: bjmsb0606006 can get a free download way.

Java Advanced Interview Guide

Message queue interview questions are as follows:

Message Queuing Part Answer:

02 Java Advanced Interview Guide -Redis Cache

Redis Cache Interview Questions:

Redis cache part of the answer:

Java Advanced Interview Guide – High Concurrency System Design

The design topic of high concurrency system is as follows:

High Concurrency System Design Part of the Answer:

04 Java advanced interview guide -MySQL library and table + read and write separation

Interview questions about MySQL database/table + read/write separation:

MySQL > select * from user where user = ‘localhost’ and user = ‘localhost’

Java Advanced Interview Guide – Distributed System

Interview questions for distributed system are as follows:

Part of the distributed system answer:

Java Advanced Interview Guide – High Availability Architecture

High availability architecture interview questions are as follows:

High Availability Architecture Part of the Answer:

Java Advanced Interview Guide -SpringCloud microservice architecture

SpringCloud microservice architecture interview questions are as follows:

All the questions I enumerated to show, in the case of not looking at the analysis, you can test the level of their own, and the complete answer analysis I have sorted into a document PDF, if you need the answer for reference to learn, you can add a little assistantAg: bjmsb0606006Get a free download!