Study time varies from person to person. If you are in school, it is recommended that you study politics for an hour a day. Because you have other classes, and You have English to learn. The examinee suggestion that takes an examination of grind to review to whole day is maintained to go in 1 to 2 hours, it is important to ensure the efficiency of study and correct method.

Correct learning method is very important, first of all, to correctly reveal the internal links of political theory, to form an interconnected system, so that the political theory mastered in the mind is not a pile of chaotic knowledge, but a system of interconnected organic whole.

The examination of political theory is an examination of the relationship between the examination points, an examination of a dialectical and interconnected way of thinking. It is not good to only grasp the isolated test points, but also to grasp the internal relationship between different chapters in order to answer this question better.

It is suggested that we study modules, do not a single study of a test point, because there is a connection between the test point, to form a system. For example, mayuan’s materialism and dialectics can be divided into materialism, consciousness, practice, sports and so on.

In “weixin — found — small. Procedure. Order “search” entrance examination brush problem doctor “, you can open the small. Cheng.. Go ashore together, pass the postgraduate entrance examination together.

Want to start paying attention to political news now?

You can follow current political news if you have time and energy to do so, but do not follow it for the sake of following it, because it will backfire if you are not interested in it.

Don’t worry about the current politics, every Year in December will summarize the current politics of the whole year, you can take a look, can save time. If you are interested, you can pay attention to People’s Daily, Xinhuanet and other mainstream media, because the materials of the annual material analysis questions are obtained from these mainstream media, you will have a sense of deja vu.