This article mainly introduced the mobile application development from the old C/S or B/S (client information system migration challenges, and why the mobile client applications will be the trend of The Times, and connecting with the mobile terminal applications at the core of business reports show that mobile end, as a typical case analysis, recommend to help us develop the design of mobile terminal applications and measuring tools. Most of these experiences come from the author’s years of development of mobile terminal applications.

Why are mobile apps here

What are the advantages of mobile terminal applications

With universal coverage of mobile devices and the development of mobile communication network, mobile office demand also day by day intense, the convenience of mobile devices is reduced, limitations, stronger even the convenience of operation is better than a PC statements, enables decision makers to anywhere at any time to obtain the required business data and analysis show that complete independent decision-making analysis and application, Then meet the application of real-time dynamic management everywhere. Mobile terminal application integrates computer technology, communication technology and Internet technology, eliminating the limitation of time and space. You can use mobile phones and tablets to view data reports anytime and anywhere. It can also be integrated into WeChat, Tailuo and other APPs to realize mobile office. The users of mobile terminal applications are mainly decision makers, managers, business personnel, etc.

Because mobile terminal devices have real-time network response, easy to carry and operate, so mobile terminal applications can bring us instant information and instant response. Such as instant chat records, mailbox, stock analysis APP, shopping APP, etc.

In particular, I remember the advertising language of a treasure, so that desire is no longer disappointed. Stores always have fixed opening hours, while shopping apps can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you need them. And more and more accurate depiction of user portraits will recommend more accurate to meet consumer needs. This is also a typical feature of mobile applications.

Why do companies need to build mobile apps

Many large business systems that have been running for many years, or even more than 10 years, are C/S or B/S terminal systems developed based on the earliest development technologies, such as ASP.NET, C language, or Java. Most of the machines based on the old system are traditional PCs. Even if there is a demand for mobile terminal, It is also based on Android or IOS system to develop a set of independent APP. Usually there are three types of developers in the enterprise, C#/Java language developers, iOS developers, and Android developers, but this situation can vary from platform to platform, resulting in different system functionality and layout presentation. Often these subtle differences lead to developer frustration or decision maker frustration. Because for the end user, this is a business system, why is there a difference between different platforms? So which platform should be the standard? If a standard is specified for the corresponding platform, is the amount of data displayed on other platforms not to be trusted?

Therefore, when developing the mobile terminal application, all Stakeholders expect the consistency of the three terminals (B/S, C/S, and mobile terminal), retain the good user experience and characteristics of the old system, and continue to develop in the mobile terminal.

Mobile applications are needed

With the development of PDA portable mobile devices, all walks of life need mobile terminal applications. The increasing popularity of information system, we hope to the end user can directly according to the business of autonomous operation, one is to improve the efficiency, the second is to reduce the operator and the end user’s repeated communication, three is to make the information more directly to the affected users, four is no hours, allowing the end user with engraved with demand at any time to complete. Many typical mobile terminal applications are emerging products of this era, such as mobile banking, tax APP, insurance management, payment management, mobile hospital and so on.

Therefore, under the strong wind of mobile terminal, enterprises have to timely launch mobile terminal applications in line with their own business based on many advantages of mobile terminal applications.

Mobile terminal application mainly contains three functional modules, data query or display; Data entry and filling, push notifications.

Data query and display is the most complex function, which involves interacting with server-side data and returning the results to the client. We will start with the mobile terminal data display function to analyze. Mobile terminal data display includes support for mobile version of charts, visual reports, Kanban, support for multi-terminal adaptation, mobile terminal support for drilling, linkage and other interactive analysis. Support mobile version of reports, Word reports, provide display, accurate printing, export and other functions, can be embedded in Web, IOS, Android and other environments.

The technical difficulties of mobile terminal report design

  • Not suitable for all terminal development
  • There is no guarantee that web-side, client-side, and native iOS and Android application development functions will be the same
  • Mobile terminal screen size is not consistent, a template design can not be reused for many times
  • Multiple report templates are applied on different platforms, which has a large maintenance cost and is not easy to modify
  • Dynamic display of data table or content based on data, manual design is time-consuming and inefficient
  • Report design capabilities are limited
  1. Mobile terminal report layout style is special and needs rich visual elements
  2. Strong self-service report analysis requirements, development is difficult
  3. Mobile terminal layout is flexible and diverse, which needs to meet the needs of display and print export
  4. Need to support large data display, support freezing the head of the column head
  5. Large amount of data display makes it difficult to turn pages on mobile terminals
  • Report performance and data processing ability requirements are high
  1. Most of the controls are B/S terminal, mostly relying on powerful server resources to enhance performance, but in the mobile terminal rendering needs to meet the user’s lower tolerance
  2. The complex network environment of the mobile terminal cannot adapt to normal loading in the offline environment
  3. Data binding capabilities are limited
  4. Unable to quickly integrate into IM applets such as WeChat, Pin, etc

Based on the above difficulties, if we need to develop native mobile APP, we need relevant APP developers, and three projects need to be started and supervised at the same time to ensure that the mobile terminal application meets the business needs.

The following is the latest data survey of language developers in 2021. The survey shows that C is ahead of other languages due to its low performance dependence on packages and the need for embedded development. Python has a clear upward trend due to its simple syntax for artificial intelligence. From the perspective of the ranking, Java, the mobile terminal application language, ranks high, mainly because Java language is open source, not all for Android application development, and Swift, which is suitable for iOS development, is not in the Top10: Therefore, the development of mobile applications tends to be more and more mixed mobile applications, that is, the use of JavaScript language to build Web projects and mobile applications at the same time, including the development of mobile terminal reports, which basically tends to be pure front-end report technology.

Development Language 2021 Ranking:

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Both iOS and Android development provide components that call JavaScript methods within an HTML page. To help us develop hybrid applications.

Hybrid apps can also be better spin-off, with Pets, WeChat applets, and other web-side apps.

The hybrid application also keeps the consistency of B/S terminal and mobile terminal to the maximum extent. Therefore, mixed application is the best choice when dealing with the difficulties of mobile terminal report. There are also too many tools and frameworks available directly for the front end.

Then with regard to mobile terminal report display, we can also choose appropriate pure front-end report control tools to solve the problem of data display.

Select the core function points of mobile terminal report design tool

1. Suitable for native Android or iOS application development

You can directly use the WebView control provided by iOS and Android to load the Web page containing JavaScript, display the report and the corresponding report data. At the same time meet the Web, IOS, Android development.

2. Adaptive report presentation tools

The biggest challenge of data display on mobile terminals is adaptive report display tools, which can be adapted to various browsers to load and display reports. In addition, report display tools provide continuous, paging, gallery, widths and other display modes, which can meet the diversified conditions of mobile devices.

3. Pure front-end report design, multi-terminal self-adaptation, to meet the needs of various mobile end reports

4. Rich data visualization elements to meet the report design principles of mobile terminals

Due to the limitation of display conditions, mobile terminal report has a clear display style, such as the presentation of core business indicators and flat visual mode. Therefore, report tools are required to be able to support the display requirements of mobile terminal. Pure front-end report control ActiveReportsJS provides charts, mini-graphs, data bars, tables, data alerts, pictures and other functional controls to display business indicators, and provides flexible and fine layout property Settings, fully meet the principles of mobile terminal report design.

5. Powerful data filtering and drilling function to realize self-service data analysis

A large part of mobile terminal reports are decision-makers, so mobile terminal reports should not only display business data, but also provide decision-makers with the ability of interactive self-service analysis. ActiveReportsJS provides functions such as one-click setting of interactive sorting, data filtering, data drilling and deepening, which can assist decision-makers to analyze data.

Report templates and data in pure JSON format

It supports the direct connection of JSON Web data, which is more convenient for the development of mobile applications, and avoids the development of data interfaces on mobile terminals, which reduces the maintenance cost in the later stage.

7. High performance data loading

Performance requirements for mobile side higher than that of PC, client under the condition of wireless network, because the operation of the single interface for data to demonstrate tolerance is also far lower than PC, so in the choice of pure front statements display tools, built-in high-performance report rendering algorithm, can in the second level loading large amount of data and complex structure forms for reporting statistics is very important.

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