Miss gold three silver four, must not follow the trend, see colleagues one by one have gone, they also blindly began to interview up (not fully prepared during), whether it is because of technical reasons to affect their own development, offset their planned trajectory, or money to give less, not valued. Unprepared interviews are a waste of time and irresponsible.

These are some knowledge points I learned and summarized in the work and interview, which are some typical questions that are often asked in the interview. If you do not pay attention to the summary in ordinary times, then when you are asked the interview may be confused, even if you know the problem, but you do not summarize carefully in ordinary times, you may also appear logical confusion, so as to miss the job opportunity. I will forget some knowledge points if I don’t use them often, but I will also be asked in the interview. I also suffered from this, so I decided to sort out these questions and share them with others, so as to help more people and make progress together. So-called “review the past and know the new”, when have no matter, look over these knowledge more, probably can have new harvest.

1. Java middleware

2021 Latest Version of Java Middleware Interview Questions (with answer analysis)

Java Microservices

The latest version of Java Micro Service surface test questions (with answer analysis)

3. Concurrent programming

Java Concurrent Programming Interview Questions

4. Java Basics

The latest version of Java basic knowledge test questions (with answer parsing)

5, Spring the Boot

Spring Boot interview Questions (with answers)

6, Redis

Redis interview Questions 2021 (with answer analysis)

7, Spring MVC

Spring MVC (MVC)

8, Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud (Spring Cloud)

9. MySQL optimization


10, the JVM

JVM Performance Tuning

11, Linux

The latest Version of the 2021 Linux Interview Questions (with answer Analysis)

12, Mybatis

Mybatis (Mybatis)

Network programming

TCP, UDP, Socket, Http Network programming

14. Design patterns

The latest version of design Mode interview questions (with answer analysis)

15. Big data

100 big data interview questions (with answer analysis)

16, Tomcat,

Tomcat interview questions (with answers)

17. Multithreading

Multi-threaded Interview questions (with answer analysis)

18, Nginx

Nginx_BIO_NIO_AIO interview Questions (With answer Analysis)

19, Memcache

2021 Memcache Interview Questions (With answer Analysis)

Java exception

The latest version of Java interview questions (with answer analysis)

21. Java VIRTUAL machine

Java Virtual Machine (Java virtual Machine)

Java collections

The latest version of Java set 2021 Interview questions (with answer analysis)

23, Git common commands

Git — Git — Git — Git

24, Elasticsearch

Interview questions for Elasticsearch

25, Dubbo

Dubbo interview Questions (with answer Analysis)

The last

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