WeChat cloud hosting is combined by WeChat team tencent launched the back-end cloud project hosting service. For WeChat ecological application development with front-end separation architecture scenario, cloud hosting can be free of operation, maintenance and server management, from code management to CI/CD pipeline deployment and release, providing full-link, low-cost, enterprise-level cloud native solution.

Since its launch, WeChat cloud hosting has received many small partners’ attention, but also received some questions:

  • Will WeChat cloud hosting consume resources quickly under the pay-as-you-go model?
  • Is cloud hosting really cheaper than traditional servers?
  • “Nuclear * hour” such a unit is very strange, how to quickly understand?
  • How to estimate the approximate cost of using cloud hosting for your project before you start using it? How much money can I save?

This is not, popular science posts to come! The following will use a few typical small program scenarios, with the general price of cloud server on the market and WeChat cloud hosting to do the actual comparison, take you to feel how cloud hosting in the price highlights “no need to pre-purchase the underlying resources, automatic elastic expansion, no access to resource costs can be further reduced to 0” product ability advantage.

In addition to the affordable price, all the first WeChat cloud hosting environment created within this year, the system will be given a free quota of 1 month for developers to use, open trial without burden!

WeChat cloud hosting billing unit

Unlike the server which needs to estimate the size of resource consumption and purchase in advance, the WeChat cloud hosting adopts the billing model according to the amount used. The billing is accurate to the second without spending money. To put it simply, the WeChat cloud hosting billing unit is to break down the total amount of cloud server/database purchased by the package on a monthly basis and use it to accurately charge the amount.

Take the cloud server as an example: if you buy a 1-core 2GB cloud server valid for one month, you actually buy 720 core hours of CPU and 1440 GB hours of memory resources for one month. No matter how much your cloud server is actually utilized or how long it’s actually running in a month, you’re paying for the full amount of resources.

Among them:

1 nucleus = 1 nucleus 24 hours 30 days = 720 nucleus * hours

2GB = 2GB 24 hours 30 days = 1440 GB * hours

Core * hour: Represents the amount of resources consumed by a 1-core CPU running continuously for 1 hour, or the amount of resources consumed by a 2-core CPU running continuously for 0.5 hour.

GB* hours: Represents the amount of resources consumed by running 1GB of memory continuously for one hour, or 2GB of memory continuously for 0.5 hour.

Actual scene billing simulation

Next, we take the seckill activity class, the daily tool class small program example, with the WeChat cloud hosting and the market cloud server/lightweight server general price comparison.

Note: Due to space constraints, the following estimates only show actual consumption values, and the prices are published prices. Discounts, special offers, resource packs, coupons, etc., are not considered. Can be understood as the theoretical maximum price. To understand the usage and the actual cost of the detailed calculation formula, please click here to go to the cloud hosting billing document to view.

Utility class applet (pure computing)

1, typical use

  • Pull public information summary ranking (such as hot news ranking, movie ranking, weather query, etc.);
  • Conversion tools (unit conversion, exchange rate conversion, etc.).

2. Business characteristics

  • There is no need for database (data is from public interface query or real-time calculation, no need for permanent storage);
  • Concentrated high flow without burst;
  • Early morning (0:00 ~ 8:00) almost no one use;
  • The service is not required to be highly available.

3. Evaluated usage of WeChat cloud hosted resources

4. Cost estimation comparison

Note: Fee estimates are based on published prices and do not consider discounts, special offers, resource packs, coupons, etc.

As the above analysis shows, for the ordinary small program scenario with almost no traffic in idle time, WeChat cloud hosting can save more than 40% of the cost compared with the server.

Active applet (calculation + database)

1, typical use

Seckill, lottery, real-time interaction and other activities in a specified period of time.

2. Business characteristics

  • There is little or no access during inactive time periods;
  • At the beginning of the activity, the sudden concentration and high flow gradually decreased with the progress of the activity, and the number of participants in the later stage of the activity was small.
  • If it is a one-time event, resources need to be released immediately after the event.
  • Service availability is high and server downtime is unacceptable.

3. Estimate the usage of WeChat cloud hosted resources

  • Suppose an activity is held every day in a month, and each activity lasts for 4 hours from 20:00 to 24:00. The first hour of the peak, the last three hours flat.
  • In fact, the amount of data stored in the database is cumulative and increasing, and the fee is charged according to the amount of real-time storage. In order to calculate easily, the data volume is set to a uniform value, and the real consumption will be smaller.
  • WeChat cloud hosting comes with high availability, no need to prepare additional redundant resources.

4. Cost estimation comparison

As shown in the above analysis, for the operation activity scenarios with unstable access traffic, the cost of WeChat cloud hosting is far lower than that of self-configuring servers, saving a large amount of resource costs for enterprises.

In addition to the above two scenarios, WeChat cloud hosting can also help multiple categories of applications to effectively reduce the cost of cloud resource consumption, bring operation and maintenance free, low-cost solutions for enterprises, and achieve real cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Hot question FAQ

The following questions are from the real questions of users of the WeChat Cloud Hosted Communication Group:

Q: Elastic expansion is very convenient, but the dosage is not “transparent”, feel not at the bottom of the mind?

A: WeChat cloud hosting provides detailed monitoring data, which can grasp the actual consumption and expansion of resources in real time. In contrast to the cloud server, you still need real-time monitoring from the cloud server to determine how much of the server resources you are buying out on a monthly basis are actually being used and how much is actually redundant and wasteful. In terms of actual usage, cloud hosting and cloud server transparency are the same.

Q: If the flexible expansion continues, will the cost greatly exceed the expected, resulting in “waking up with an apartment gone”?

A: It’s really A matter of controlling the cost cap.

(1) The upper limit of the number of instances of each version is 50, and the capacity will not be expanded after the upper limit, that is, the upper limit of the daily fee is completely controllable. If your budget is tight, you can also manually lower the maximum number of instance copies for your version.

(2) WeChat cloud hosting will provide quota monitoring function, when the amount of CPU/ memory/database calculation/database storage and other arbitrary resources exceeds the threshold value you set, will send an alarm message, please look forward to. At that point, you can choose to freeze the service immediately and stop new charges. Online business will also be disrupted at this time. Please evaluate carefully.

Q: Under what circumstances will the service be scaled down to zero (at no cost)?

A: If the minimum number of instances of the next version of the service is 0, and the current service has not been accessed for half an hour, it will trigger the shrinkage to 0.

WeChat cloud hosting preferential support

7 discount

30% off in pay-as-you-go mode for WeChat cloud hosting for all users until December 31, 2021.

RMB 10,000 enterprise incentive plan

WeChat cloud hosting launched enterprise incentive plan, 10,000 yuan subsidy, expert-level migration service, Tencent cloud official traffic exposure, etc., to help enterprises enjoy the ultimate experience brought by cloud native at a lower cost. Identify the two-dimensional code below to register!

Cheap resource packs (coming soon)

For individual developers and new enterprise users, WeChat cloud hosting will launch a different gradient of resource packs, further reducing product costs.

About WeChat cloud hosting, if you have any questions or suggestions during the use process, please come to WeChat open community WeChat cloud hosting area to exchange and discuss together.