A lot of business leaders with a keen business perspective, find new business opportunities or new enterprise station direction, but not sure sure can do success, how to do? Recruit a large number of senior technical personnel, from 0 to 1 development? Or outsourcing? In fact, it’s not good. To develop from 0 to 1, you have to pay high technical wages, take a long time to build, develop bugs everywhere, and run tests for a long time. If you choose to outsource, the design may be stolen and others may preempt the market before it opens. Xiaobian today to recommend you JEECGBoot low code platform, can let you pay the least technical costs, the fastest time to achieve your project.

No code to develop forms

  • The form designer for the JeecgBoot low-code platform provides a variety of components

Can develop a variety of functional forms, development mode is the current mainstream of the drag and drop, whether you want to develop project management, customer relationship management, inventory management, human resources management, financial management, can use JEECGBOOT low code platform designer developed.

  • Strong mobile development

Adapt via mobile. Support multi-terminal APP development, the APP developed at the same time can be used in a variety of small program platform, H5, etc.

Code-free flow

JECGBOOT low code platform provides process design tools, can achieve no code, complex process design easily.

No code to achieve cool large screen, report production

JECGBOOT low code platform can be in the large screen designer, design cool large screen effect, such as the cockpit, travel monitoring large screen, etc.; Also can use the report designer, design complex reports and complex charts;

Open source low code platform

JECGBOOT low code platform launched open source version, if your company wants to do a relatively simple project, you can use the open source version; If the project your company does is more complex, you can choose our commercial version, the price is also very favorable! Experience address ~~~