Talk about the market? Why do people always care about other people’s opinions and ignore their own original intentions?

The iOS development market isn’t great, but it’s definitely not bad. Ever wonder what people are doing that are fanning the flames of iOS not working?

Do you really start over?

Wrong, wrong!

While dissuading you, they will quietly learn to stabilize their own status. Of course, they do not encourage or oppose others to join IOS, but if you want to do it, do not have lazy mentality, you have to learn what you should learn. (Don’t slander the industry is not good, just your ability and it is not equal, that’s all!)

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What I said in my last post: iOS doesn’t work? Or is there a problem with personal ability?

Knowing what you are learning for is the most powerful and lasting motivation for learning.

Talk about your job:

As the main job is iOS engineer, about the work of iOS development, perhaps most people think that is overtime! I think it’s writing code!

No matter what language code I write, language is a tool, and solving problems is the key. How to use better tools and better solutions to solve problems is what I want to do! Hope everyone is the same, work is not just overtime, there are poems and distance!

Talk about learning:

In terms of learning, what iOS developers usually think about learning is technology, what new technology is there this year, what new technology have they learned, and the pursuit of “new technology” rather than focusing on iOS deep learning.

The following summary of the iOS development career path, to share with you.

Talk about job-hopping in an interview:

As a developer, the promotion path is basically very clear, so we must grasp every opportunity of job-hopping and salary increase.

I’ve spoken to some of the biggest recruiters, and I’ve gotten feedback that the company can’t find the right iOS developers, and the iOS developers who are looking for a job can’t get an offer from the company. Both sides are worried.

Why does this happen?

  • Good iOS Development ≠ High Pay iOS Development.

    • A lot of iOS developers with good technical ability usually don’t know how to say it in the interview. Their logical thinking is all messed up. They usually answer the knowledge points when they open their mouth in a complete mess in the interview.
  • Knowledge of a skill ≠ mastery of a skill.

    • At present, many iOS interviewers are inquiring into the bottom of a question, paying close attention to the same question. Many technical people think they can use a certain technology, they say they can master it, but once they get into the underlying logic, they don’t know it at all.
  • Preparing for the interview knowledge ≠ interviewer inspection knowledge.

    • Many iOS development near the interview began to assault, breathlessly watching the interview, the underlying knowledge, technical framework, the results of the interviewer didn’t ask. The knowledge points of the questions were all caught off guard.

If you can’t master the technical knowledge of the system, then I recommend that you pay attention to the “underlying principles and source code” behind the common frameworks.

Conquer the interviewer with deep thinking about technology during the interview, so as to secure the offer and negotiate a high salary.

That’s easy to say, but hard to do (from most iOS developers) :

IOS development business is already very busy, how can I have time to concentrate on exploring the underlying principles, and the latest underlying technical data is still scattered, want to explore the underlying, there is no way to start!

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