Verification activities such as model test and compatibility test are often required before an APP is put on the market. The HMS Toolkit provides Cloud Debugging and Cloud Testing, which is a great way to address the need for verification of different types of real machines due to the variety of real machines. The two functions of the remote real machine test not only support Huawei remote real machine, tablet, etc., but also support the third party equipment honor, in the world to provide 4 major regions (domestic, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Russia), multiple sites, to ensure that users can be near fast access.

Cloud Debugging

Cloud Debugging provides developers with the Debugging capabilities required for HMS Core integration. Huawei Cloud Debugging provides the latest and hottest Huawei phones, allowing developers to intuitively understand the operation of the APP on Huawei models anytime and anywhere within the IDE.

1. Support single-step debugging

It supports single step debugging of mobile phone on remote real machine to quickly locate all kinds of problems existing in the development process.

2. Remote ADB debugging

Support remote operation of mobile phone through ADB command, convenient for users to further in-depth debugging.

3. Support the logcat

Remote real machine also supports the log view in the IDE LogCat window, convenient for developers to find problems arising during debugging.

4. Support screen zooming and resolution switching

It supports the rapid switch of screen scaling on the remote real machine, providing smooth, standard definition, high-definition and other multi-file screen clarity switch, to meet the debugging scene.

5. Support fast file uploading

Supports fast file uploading by dragging and dropping on remote real machine.

6. Supports landscape scene switching

Supports landscape scene switching on remote real machine.

Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing provides four dimensions of professional automated Testing for developers.

1. Four Test Capabilities

It supports four major tests of APP compatibility, stability, performance and power consumption, and can find problems in the installation, startup, unloading and operation of APP on Huawei phones.

2. Professional and clear test report

It supports the demonstration of the specific test situation of each test item and the screenshot of the test traversal operation point to quickly find application problems.

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About the Toolkit

HMS Toolkit is an IDE plug-in that allows developers to integrate HMS Core services and build great applications with greater efficiency and lower development costs. Based on the integration scenarios of Android Studio for accessing HMS Core, the HMS Toolkit tools can greatly improve the integration efficiency. HMS Toolkit provides quick start, automatic environment configuration, scene access assistance, quick code conversion, free remote real machine debugging, automated testing, code quality analysis and other functions.

Simple installation:

1. Go to Android Studio to find File, and follow Settings-> Plugins -> Marketplace path, and search “HMS” to find HMS Toolkit to install.

2. Login directly to the official website of Huawei Developer Alliance to download and install plug-ins.

For more details on HMS Core, see:

To participate in the developer discussion, please download the demo and sample code from the CSDN community or Reddit community. Please go to GitHub or Gitee to solve the integration problems. Please go to Stack Overflow

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