Company information: The company was founded in 2008 (it is expected to go public in recent years), and recently received strategic investment of over 100 million yuan from Xinmei University. Beijing Pingxin Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing professional equipment and standardized products through the leading concept of catering service. The goal is to get through the last kilometer of catering information and build a win-win development of catering future. Adhering to the concept of “standardized product sharing development” and “software, hardware + service”, Pingxin has served more than 100,000 catering enterprises. Team introduction: Since its establishment, PINGxin has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign elites from catering, Internet and scientific research institutes. The company’s core research and development teams are composed of Baidu, Google, 360, NetEase and The Chinese Academy of Sciences. The existing R&D leaders all have front-line Internet background and rich r&d management experience. We welcome more talents to join us and make common achievements!

Job responsibilities: 1. Mainly responsible for the design and research and development of the company’s server system/service; 2. Understand development requirements, cooperate with product manager and project manager, and put forward optimization suggestions on requirements; 3. Design, develop, unit test and write relevant documents for functional modules according to product requirements and prototypes; 4. Responsible for solving various problems in the development process. 5 years or above Java development experience, major in computer related; 2. Solid Java foundation, familiar with object-oriented analysis and design, familiar with common design patterns and component technology; 3. Proficient in Spring, SpringMVC, Mybatis and other frameworks, with an in-depth understanding of their principles and implementation mechanisms; 4. Familiar with distributed system and microservice design and application, familiar with Thrift or SpringCloud; 5. Familiar with common IDE, familiar with Eclipse or IDEA; 6, familiar with distribution, caching, message mechanism. Proficient in Mysql, Redis, Zookeeper, Rabbitmq; 7. Familiar with Linux environment and operation, proficient in practical Linux commands; 8. Familiar with Tomcat, Nginx and other open source servers.