Apple just released the new iPhone X, so you can’t replace your new phone if you’re on a budget, but you can still upgrade to iOS12, which works just as well as iOS11. One of the shortcuts that caught my eye was the Workflo upgrade. With official support, you can implement more system operations, even SSH login executive name, yes, you can do remote login operation!

Here’s a look at some shortcuts I’ve made myself, which I think are pretty handy

NO.1 Real-time voice translation in Chinese and English

Hey, reading this title you may wonder, isn’t there already a lot of translation software, you do what use? To tell you this is really useful oh, usually we want to achieve real-time voice translation to open the APP and then choose voice translation, there are many steps in the middle, once set this shortcut, it will be much faster, and the system comes with a good sound oh

The picture above is all the steps of english-Chinese translation, there are only three steps

  1. Dictation of text, converting speech into text format, using Siri’s speech recognition technology, recognition rate is still very high
  2. Convert the specified language to another language through Microsoft’s translation service, which is free of charge
  3. Translate the text into speech to read out, there are a variety of voice can choose oh

After setting up, as long as the shortcut can quickly open the Chinese and English translation, no longer have to scramble to find the translation APP, it can also be made into Chinese and Japanese translation, or English and Chinese translation, anyway, you can think of all can achieve.

NO.2 Take photos and share

Yeah, it’s another wheel, but it’s a very useful wheel, have you ever had a friend ask you to take a picture, but you don’t want to save it, just send it and you can delete it? Yeah, that’s what this shortcut is for, take a picture and share it, but don’t save it, just like a screenshot.

Step is simple is the two step, take pictures and share good, is so simple, but I in order to facilitate adding comments of what, has added a menu select add tag, that’s right, the shortcut is so powerful, can even do logic to handle, see clear is the logical processing, is not a simple logic to handle, the goods can even as a programming language to use!

NO. 3 parking

This is my personal very useful shortcuts, when I went to the park, afraid of free parking time, so I can set up a free parking reminder, at the same time I stop position, of course, only is the location of the outdoor, this shortcut set up is more complex, there are dictionaries, similar to common key/value object, we still have time in the future, And finally add reminders to reminders APP, all of which can be done automatically using shortcuts

If you are interested, you can leave a message in the reply. I will put SSH shortcut operation method later, so that you can operate the server with your mobile phone