The Internet of Everything is here! What new opportunities does the new launch of Harmonyos bring to applications? What are the new experiences for developers?

On July 31, 2021, HDD | HarmonyOS developer day will be held in hangzhou. We’ve prepared the most hardcore of Harmonyos technologies, including cross-terminal, lightweight, all-purpose card features, Codelabs development samples, and more ecological scenarios, to give you an in-depth understanding of Harmonyos’ new developments, features, and features. Everything you want to see is here!

The developer union video number, B station, Xuetang broadcast room three platforms live simultaneously! Book a live stream to lock in the latest, fastest, and most comprehensive Harmonyos Developer Day in Hangzhou.

Booking developer alliance school studio: https://developer.huaweiunive…


Enjoy the Essential Harmonyos Developer Day Guide:

First register and then make an appointment, wonderful live not too bad

Download Deveco Studio on PC

Watching the broadcast while experiencing the whole scene of distributed development fun


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