Write it up front

“The fingers are wide and the time is too thin. 2020 will soon be over.” It was just yesterday, the day before the 30th of the Chinese New Year, that I ended all the work and tasks on hand and started the short but ordinary Spring Festival holiday. Woke up at 6am, made a cup of instant coffee habitually, and started to think about the whole of 2020….

As early as New Year’s Day or so, I have recorded some big and small things in the whole year of 2020 locally. It may be too private and broken thoughts, so I did not send it out, and it is still saved on my local desktop. Today, I will simply review the past year….

On New Year’s day

If you have any contact with me, you should know that I will not go back for the Spring Festival this year, and I have already told my parents… “My father is very supportive of many of my ideas. Maybe my mother misses me a little. After all, it is the first time in more than 20 years that she is not with them during the Spring Festival. Fortunately, AT the end of January, I prepared a gift and wrapped a small red envelope for my mother in advance

There is no filial piety, but see her face dew joy, very happy with my father “show off” my “doing” of time, at the moment the New Year’s day of me, the in the mind think like no how lonely, also or sad…. “Maybe next year, I’ll take a bullet train and go back.”

In addition to preparing a gift for my mother long ago, I also prepared a red envelope and a birthday cake for my sister’s children yesterday (New Year’s Eve birthday cake). 99 not so much money (the fund lost money…) “But the children’s red envelopes should be arranged, just like my sister gave me red envelopes when I was young.” Of course, the red envelopes used are the ones with the company’s logo. I wonder if they will say 99 spicy chicken when they grow up.

One leng one leng

This morning, after I did a little cleaning and threw all my laundry, sheets and pillowcases out of the washing machine, I started thinking about, “2020 is a year full of what I have done and what I have achieved…”

From the beginning of 2020 to April 8th, I worked at home for 2-3 months. Although it was a bit fishy, it was true that my dad and I spent so much time together at home… “From the tree on the mountain to what is blockchain, I remember I was really confused ~” I still remember the question he asked me in the video:

  • What is blockchain?

  • Are you still learning architecture?

  • .

Don’t t think I like to brag, say what you are not a rural guy, the old father raised the question also abstract. “I can only blame toutiao for that APP. My dad just looked at it and asked me for a while.”

Later, when Wuhan was unsealed, I did not stay at home. Instead, I went to find Rong and yearn for freedom.

Xianghu Yue Wang Mountain

The following eight months omit 20,000 words….

What’s funny is that they even wrote random version iterations

Ha, ha, ha..

Unforgettable little things

Later, I only remember that some changes occurred in my work and I bought a Mac. (At that time, the fund made a little profit, but now it is gone…) And gave Rong his first rose (Champagne rose)

It says, “Falling in love with you is the greatest happiness of my life…”

— from Baidu Baike

I didn’t have much experience at that time, and I didn’t know much about romantic things. I just thought I should give her a gift and wanted to give her a gift, so I went to a florist’s shop and asked the florist about it.

Later, I found that champagne rose is really better than pink rose, red rose, baby’s breath star… At least I like it and Rong should be acceptable too..

“Although Rong has not been given anything so far, I am very grateful and touched that she has been around. From the perspective of funds and stocks, she is fully engaged in heavy trading and is patient enough.”

Credit cards to pay off

After Cue Rong is finished, let me come back to cue myself, “2020, my harvest is not very much, but consumption is still quite large…” I have been paying off my credit card, I haven’t finished reading the books I bought (many of them are forgotten soon after reading), I have prepared an open source repository for documents, and I have not been Posting them to Github very much. ** there are only scattered local records. Since June last year, I have successively bought:

  • MacBook Pro

  • Xiaomi TV

  • AOC displays

  • Mechanical keyboard

  • AirPods

  • Huawei mobile phones

  • iPhone12

  • A lot of books

  • .

Lakeside Yintai

In addition to the first time to use the MacBook Pro, I wrote blog documents, other things should not be mentioned, mainly the credit card is more and more. Makes me sick… “But Rong mobile phone is not card, my computer is not card, still bai, anyway is the fund earned (this is my idea in 2020….. now see true pull cross)”

Schrodinger’s Foundation

“When it comes to funds, it can be said that ‘Heaven has a good cycle’.”

  • Some people earn the beginning of consumption always feel that friends help to buy (that is me….)

  • Some people think they can make money when they lose money, and I’m what I say some people are

Overall, review last year, I bought more than 40 funds around, basic are all kinds of mix, also not very understand, there is a 2-3 thousand pieces, to throw inside, a little rose a little on the direct redemption road, backhand say 1: “operation cow force…”

“In fact, most of them gave the handling fee, don’t worry about their own, there is no much money, hungry and cold, but also affect the mood, now, or careless, or eat reading less loss, next year I must sell the semiconductor….”

Anxious I

It is impossible to save money. Where is money made, where is money spent

When you go to a city to struggle, the industry opportunities do not hire you, salary is high but save less than money, always feel that the city of debonair, luxury fans let their knowledge, turn back to find in addition to “knowledge”, finally only their own…..

“I depend, this simply say me, very anxious….”

However, should have the attitude of my classmate, at least on the idea, I still pattern small ha poof poop-poop! 2021 must adjust good state of mind..

Break more public number

Rong Rong, an official account I launched on July 26, 2020, is so cute that although THERE are not many people here, I often update my account based on my own mood. Fortunately, my friends who follow me are always on the Rong account. Ha ha

Sincerely thank you, I wish you a happy New Year, hehemeimei

In this more than half a year of public account time, I tried my best to release some of the original

  • Some involve technology (not many)

  • Some of life is neither painful nor itching

  • There are many in my local due to some irresistible factors have not been sent out


“Next year I will try my best to bring more dry goods and words….”

Of course, in this half a year, I also made a lot of friends, also remember a lot of familiar ID (although you often change pictures, nicknames…)

Among these friends, some let me share technology, some let me share life, even some let me share romantic love stories (??????) No stories, just accidents… Kidding, kidding!! Cough cough), and teach me to buy funds, is really “the world storm out of my generation”, thanks to the company of more than half a year… I remember:

  • Let me share Kafka’s “Big man in Hangzhou”

  • Readers who remind me to improve the quality of my tweets

  • Push me to update, give me a lovely appreciation


I really appreciate it.

I really appreciate it.

I really appreciate it.

“Next year, I must make a message to the public number, must sum up more, more translation, more update, then also get to the lottery what…”

Happy New Year!

Night, estimates that everyone is in shou sui, I’m ready to go out for a walk, walk to campus, should be no one will go to school on New Year’s eve ha ha ha, when I was a child my mother let me at home on New Year’s eve shou sui, make a fortune, this year her words and less is more “freedom”, right now, to paraphrase the zhu zi-qing that – busy are you, I what all have no It was a taste!

Well, New Year’s Eve is a joyous occasion to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new. For those of you reading this blog,

Worship an early years, happy New Year, the Year of the Ox niuniuniu…

Finally, put a noisy elder brother (nickname: noisy) picture town building