Be not 996, go to work before 10 left or right sides arrive about the same, Monday Tuesday Thursday comes off work commonly 9 left or right sides, have a thing also can go ahead of schedule, Wednesday Friday 6 o ‘clock most withdrew, flexibility work is made

Excellent senior front end engineer position introduction

Position the temptation

  • The React Vue applet node. js has it all, and there’s always one for you. Check out github for
    • Vant: The mobile UI component library based on Vue 2.0, just released version 1.0 yesterday, there are many plans for you to improve
    • Zent: A PC UI component library based on React
    • Felint: command line tool for front-end code specification validation
    • Vaant-retry P: A library of mini-program UI components
    • Zanmock-proxy: Coming open source, a command line request proxy tool
  • There are small groups built every week and large groups built every month. There are fruits and snacks every week
  • Our front end doesn’t need to be IE compatible and does almost no active pages;
  • Annual opportunity to attend industry conferences at public expense;
  • The latest Macbook Retina + Large display + mechanical keyboard;
  • Participate in front-end development of wechat terminal and APP terminal, PC merchant background and hardware UI;
  • Participate in the company’s internal system construction (including Node full stack development);
  • Participate in the improvement of front-end engineering system such as development, construction and release;
  • Participate in Web performance optimization and experience optimization;
  • Participate in the development and implementation of UI specifications;
  • Participate in the exploration of new technologies and the evolution of system architecture; Backbone(old modules), React(PC) and Vue(Mobile) share experience and new technology with team members to help the team grow.

Job requirements

  • 1. Bachelor degree or above;
  • Solid computer and network skills;
  • Read technical documents and books in English.
  • Solid foundation of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, understand HTTP protocol and browser principles;
  • Participated in open source projects and contributed code bonus points;
  • Bonus points for Hybrid APP and large-scale Node project implementation experience;

Please include your Github account or blog address;

Work address

698 Xixi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

At the same time recruit front-end interns, front-end technology experts, Beijing branch is also recruiting Java, welcome to hook up.

If you are interested, please send me [email protected] or wechat: min12400718