Writing in the front

Last month was actually a summary of this year, but I couldn’t remember what I did this year for a long time. At first, I thought I did a bad job this year: avoiding problems and being addicted to fish. Then I wondered why god was so bad to me, but fortunately, towards the end of the year, everything seemed to be getting better.

About work

In us al

After I graduated in 2018, I worked as Konnect, a software and hardware monitoring platform, for a company in Shanghai that was engaged in computer hardware and software product sales, system integration and software and hardware maintenance services. I have been working for 2 years and only resigned in July this year. From the initial finished product satisfaction pride, to the final product lost hope; From the first not even able to do drag and drop, to the last imitation Ali DataV. Ah, not much. As a matter of fact, I planned to resign from my annual leave this year and put it off until July. Why did I put it off until July? This is also my problem in the first half of this year. At the beginning, I was already writing handover documents for the product, and then came a customized development job. Then MY leader planned to make a small program, and then my leader took a job on the official website of the research institute. In fact, I could have refused to do it as my colleagues did, but when the boss asked me, I was embarrassed and had to do it (partly in the hope of getting some money). What things are hard face to refuse is really a big disadvantage! To highlight! Always say no!

Don’t resign naked!

Why naked resignation, countless people say do not naked resignation, naked resignation is not good, at first did not take it seriously, then I told myself with personal experience naked resignation is really bad:

  • The first can go out to play, I played for a month. Yes, it’s a weakness. It relaxes you and subconsciously refuses to work.
  • Second anxiety, after playing for a period of time, I began to worry, even my girlfriend’s mother is concerned about whether I have found a job;
  • Third, I have no money. The money I saved for two years has been spent in these months.
  • Fourth, there is a gap period from July to November, which is five months. Although I have studied by myself and even enrolled in Teacher Winter’s class, it is useless. In terms of project experience, these five months will always be blank.

Looking for a job

The first interview after the naked resignation was recommended by my former classmate. At that time, I thought I could pass any way. After all, I was not a big factory. When I got to the interviewer, I couldn’t even read Object. DefineProperty and explain the prototype chain clearly. Then, I failed the selection smoothly and couldn’t hold up my head in front of my classmates. In the second company, which was all about technology, the interviewer looked at my resume and directly said, “Your project experience of monitoring platform is of no use, because there is no company in the market.” I immediately felt depressed. The most important one! Unheard of. I interviewed and learned a lot from my conversation with the CTO, who said, “There must be a very specific target that has the motivation and the space to improve, and that target is the person that you want to be directly, not the characteristics of a person, You can’t just pick up the good side of a person. You unconsciously copy everything else, “he said, adding that” every experience is useful.” Ultimately, I didn’t apply to Europe and went back to my hometown and took a front-end job, which I didn’t want to say, but I had to face all my problems, probably because I couldn’t bear the frustrations, and the orientation to Europe was so difficult. Finally, the interview summary is given:

Really, really get ready to go again! Really really can’t compare with friends (people than popular dead)! Don’t worry about the interviewer telling you that your project experience didn’t work. And then hope to withstand setbacks, otherwise I would have been in my original position 😭.

About life

I just graduated two years of white, really do not have a summary of life, is to talk about this year’s life of people and things 8.

With girlfriend in the second year together, last year actually two people said that they do not want to get married do not see parents casually talk. This year slowly began to become different, the epidemic time and home frankly talk about the object, and then about the New Year’s day to see parents. Began to plan two people behind the day, began to save money, think of ways to make money. I don’t know what life will be like, but it will be good.

After returning home, I had to think of ways to make money, and began to study the fund, and studied for a while what effect did not, and then directly rushed, bought 600 pieces, also ok, to now also did not lose, follow the big guy will not be wrong of very outrageous (some fang da some small dish). You really have to try some. You can’t make money by standing outside and watching.

By definition, it’s time to read

But no, I am a person who does not like reading, there is a book, “sick forget book”.

About 2021

Working technically

  • I hope I can improve my skills
  • I want to continue to embrace technology
  • Pay rise
  • Write more articles. The more you write, the more you will get.
  • Can run a serious open source project

In life

  • alive
  • The peace of the world

The last

Write a lot, also have no what useful sentiment and summary, see XD also don’t ridicule haha.

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