Target: GitLab configures Webhook hooks, triggers Webhook when push code, sends task to Node server, Node server down code, performs packaging and detection, and triggers GitLab to send email when done.

1. Go to GitLab, find your own project, check if there are permission Settings, and then set: (settings-> Integrations)

URL: http://nodeServerIp:8080/webhook Secret Token: ABCDEFG / / Trigger request of authentication codes, avoid DOS attack Trigger: Select Push Events select Merge Request Events and click Add Web Hook

Settings –> General –> Visibility, Project Features, Permissions — Click Expand –> to open a Pipeline (Build, test, And deploy your changes) –> Save changes

3.Settings -> Ci /CD –> Triggers –> Expand Type “Ci” in the expanded input box and click “Add Trigger” then copy the generated Token field.

4. Add a.gitlab-ci.yml file to the root of the project. The contents of the file are as follows:

-Ci # : job build: stage: Ci script: - curl http://nodeServerIp:8080/downGitlabCiShApi > - chmod 751 ./ - ./