Here are the top Java open source projects on GitHub:

1, JimuReport… Star 1388

This is a free data visualization tool, reports and large screen design! Similar to excel operation style, online drag and drop complete report design! Function covers: report design, graphic report, print design, large screen design, forever free!

2, dolphinscheduler… Star 5706

Apache DolphinScheduler is a visualized task scheduling system for distributed big data workflows. The DolphinScheduler is dedicated to “visualizing the dependencies between working workflows (tasks) and visualizing the monitoring of the entire data process.” The DolphinScheduler uses a directed acyclic graph (DAG) to monitor the running status of tasks in real time, and supports operations such as retry, recovery failure from a specified node, pause, and Kill tasks.

3, sa – token… Star 2507

This is probably the most fully featured Java permission authentication framework ever! Has been integration — login authentication, permissions, certification, distributed Session Session, the micro service network GuanJian power, single sign-on, OAuth2.0, kicking off, Redis integration, Taiwan before and after separation, remember my model, simulating their bank account, temporary identity switch, banned and more account certification system, annotation authentication, routing intercept authentication and fancy Token generation, automatic renewal, mutually exclusive login, session governance, password encryption, JWT integration, Spring integration, WebFlux integration…

4, Signal – Server… Star 6619

Millions of people around the world use the Signal app for free instant messaging every day. Signal-server is the gas Server.

5, and soul,… Star 3946

A scalable, high-performance, responsive API gateway solution for all microservice scenarios.

6, arthas… Star 25627

Arthas is designed to help developers solve the production problems of Java applications without modifying code or restarting servers. With Arthas, you can troubleshoot problems in real time without restarting the JVM or requiring additional code changes.

7, kafka… Star 19724

Kafka is a high-throughput distributed publish-subscribe messaging system with the following features:

  • Message persistence is provided through O(1) disk data structures that maintain stable performance over long periods of time for even terabytes of message storage.
  • High throughput: Even very plain hardware Kafka can support hundreds of thousands of messages per second.
  • Support for partitioning messages across kafka servers and clusters of consumer machines.
  • Supports Hadoop parallel data loading.

8 seata. Star 19347

Seata is an open source distributed transaction solution that provides high performance and easy to use distributed transaction services.

9 miaosha.… Star 20345

This project is to high concurrency and large traffic how to kill the architecture, and do a system to tidy up, if you have no contact with MQ, SpringBoot, Redis, Dubbo, ZK, Maven, Lua, etc., then I suggest you can search the Internet for each piece of knowledge quickly start.

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10, rocketmq… Star 14158

A mirror image of Apache RocketMQ, Apache RocketMQ is a distributed messaging and streaming platform with low latency, high performance and reliability, trillion-scale capacity and flexible scalability.

11, nacos… Star 17438

Nacos, a new open source project launched by Alibaba, is a dynamic service discovery, configuration management and service management platform that makes it easier to build cloud native applications. Nacos is dedicated to helping you discover, configure, and manage microservices. Nacos provides a set of easy-to-use features that help you quickly implement dynamic service discovery, service configuration, service metadata, and traffic management.