Microservice containerization

For developers, operations, and technology managers, microservices and containerization, distributed, and Internet architecture are all part of today’s architecture. But for most IT professionals, microservices, containerization, Kubernetes, etc., involve a lot of new technologies, and if you try to learn them completely, IT will increase the learning time and prolong the system’s new architecture transformation cycle, and others will have to solve the problem again. This will definitely have a big impact on our development efficiency.

In line with the good thing is to take out to share the principle: Internet Lei Feng (LZ I) in order to let you less detours, and give you some system architecture, technology stack selection and other aspects of the reference. Take this opportunity, specially from the hand of a elder brother of Ali collate to one of its pro code “micro service container reference guide” to share to everyone, can certainly be helpful to everyone!

Not much, but the main content of the reference guide

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Reference guide to microservice containerization

Directory overview

The first part

This paper mainly introduces the development process of single architecture to microservice architecture and some development principles of microservice

The second part

It centers around container deployment and production of microservices

The third part

It centers around invocations between microservices

The fourth part

It revolves around a production build from microservices to containers

The fifth part

It mainly focuses on system monitoring and continuous integration deployment: the type and scope of system monitoring and the monitoring model system of Exporter + Prometheus + Grafana are introduced.

Content excerpts

The last

Technology must be constantly updated, we do technology can only continue to learn! If you are struggling with microservice containerization, this document will definitely help you! We hope that your new projects will be developed, deployed and operated quickly based on the new architecture of microservice containers.

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