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The HTML project

  • What are the three layers of a browser page, what are they, and what do they do?
  • What are the pros and cons of HTML5?
  • Doctype? How to distinguish strict mode from promiscuous mode? What do they mean?
  • What’s new and removed in HTML5?
  • What browsers have you tested your web pages on? What are the cores of these browsers?
  • Every HTML file has a very important thing at the beginning, Doctype. Do you know what that does?
  • What do you know about HTML5? (What is it and why?)
  • Knowledge of Web Standards and W3C?
  • What are inline elements, block-level elements, and empty elements in HTML5?
  • What is WebGL and what are its benefits?

JavaScript project

  • Please talk about the advantages and disadvantages of cookies
  • Array. The prototype. Slice. Call (arr, 2) the method is:
  • Just a quick word about what browser native storage looks like
  • Prototypes/constructors/instances
  • The prototype chain:
  • Execution context (EC)
  • The variable object
  • scope
  • The scope chain
  • closure

CSS project

  • Explain the box model of CSS?
  • What are the types of CSS selectors and give some examples of their use?
  • What are the special features of CSS? (Priority, calculation of special values)
  • What methods can be used to dynamically change the content in a layer?
  • Common browser compatibility issues and solutions?
  • List the values of display and explain what they do?
  • How do I center a div, how do I center a floating element?
  • What’s the difference between link and @import in CSS?
  • Please list how many ways (at least two) to clear the float?
  • Block, inline and inlinke-block details?

Vue project

  • What are the two cores of Vue.js?
  • What is the principle of Vue’s two-way binding?
  • What are the Vue lifecycle hook functions?
  • What is the difference between V-if and V-show?
  • Commonly used modifier for VUE
  • nextTick
  • What is the VUE lifecycle
  • Data response (data hijacking)
  • Virtual DOM principle implementation
  • Proxy’s advantage over DefineProperty

The React project

  • Basic knowledge of
  • The React components
  • React Redux
  • The React routing

HTTP project

  1. What is the structure of an HTTP packet?
  2. What are the request methods for HTTP?
  3. What’s the difference between GET and POST?
  4. How do you understand URIs?
  5. How do you understand HTTP status codes?
  6. A brief overview of the features of HTTP? What are the disadvantages of HTTP?
  7. What do you know about the Accept series fields?
  8. How does HTTP transmit data of fixed and variable length?
  9. How does HTTP handle the transfer of large files?
  10. How is the submission of form data handled in HTTP?

Algorithm project

  • The list
  • The stack and queue
  • Binary tree

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