gsm sources manager

GSM is a gem source management tool. In Ruby development, due to domestic network problems, we often need to replace the default source. GSM can manage different sources for you.

GSM is a recursive GSM sources manager, which can also be used as gem sources manager.

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The installation

Using gem installation

$ gem install gsm-sources-manager
$ gsm --version

Manual installation

$ git clone
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec exe/gsm --version


After the first boot, GSM automatically loads the source from gem source-l.


Column appears active.

$ gsm list


Apply a source.

$ gsm use Amethyst


Add the source.

–use: Add while applying the source. Equivalent to GSM ADD and then GSM USE.

$ gsm add Amethyst


Delete the source.

$ gsm del Amethyst


Reset all sources.

$ gsm reset


Map the source of the current application to the Bundle Mirror.

— Reset the Bundler Mirror.

$ gsm mirror Amethyst

The last

Welcome to use and contribute to the project.