Make web apps work like native apps

Gathering is a light application (i.e., web APP) running environment that can make web APP run like native APP. just like this

This is the correct way to open HTML5. We are currently working on both iOS and Android clients. The download address is Welcome to experience fun, we will continue to improve.

Native apis

Not only that, but clustering also provides the ability to call many native APIs, such as:

  • Instead of drawing an arrow pointing to the upper right corner of the screen for users to share, you can directly turn up native WeChat to share
  • Photography is a must, PhoneGap
  • Customizable Alert, Confirm, compatible with PhoneGapnavigator.notification.alert()
  • Acceleration is also available, and you can roll it nowdoodle jumpOut, compatible with PhoneGapnavigator.accelerometer.watchAcceleration()
  • Message Notification, compatible with W3C Desktop Notification

The API demo can be seen in the demo video (please ignore me on camera) :

For more information, check out our API Docs


In terms of performance, we don’t need to worry about iOS, because everyone is the same. We want to talk about performance on Android and support for HTML5.

Device: Nexus 5, Android 4.4.4

sunspider js benchmark: 859ms

HTML5 test: 498

The JS benchmark will vary greatly from device to device, but the HTML5 test score will be the same

Here is not to compare with other mobile browsers, you can go to the comparison. Use the browser you want to test to visit the following URL:


The Web is open

Although there is a built-in store in the cluster, the store exists to control quality, allowing only “native web apps” to be delivered to users.

Because we believe that many of the problems are not problems of technology at all, but problems of attitude. Web front end after so many years of development, has been a hundred flowers blossoming era, but many practitioners are not timely charging. Instead of pursuing the user experience of Web Apps, they still make works full of a lot of ugly text links. They make mobile Web products but don’t think on the mobile end. Built-in stores are designed to filter out such web apps.

However, we know that the Web is open, decentralized, and fluid. So we’ve provided a way for great developers who make great web apps to bypass the store and direct users to add their web apps to the crowd

Of course, you can also your web app is submitted to us, see

If you have any questions, please reply to this article directly. I will answer and communicate in time.