Web Front-end What is a Web front-end?

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Early web design mainly content, thus rendering on the vision becomes relatively humble, and now with the development of science and technology, people’s aesthetic demand is higher and higher, a lot of changes have taken place in our web, enterprises pay more attention to aesthetic, user interaction a product want to long-term development, user experience becomes especially important. As people pay more and more attention to the design beauty and operation experience of user interface, the demand for Web front-end engineers is also becoming more and more large. At present, the market gap of Web front-end developers is still increasing day by day. According to the data, the ratio of front-end development and back-end development personnel in foreign countries is 1:1, and that in China is 1:3. It can be seen that the demand for front-end development personnel in China is great. Take first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for example, the salary of a skilled Web front-end developer is generally above 12K.

The primary job of a front-end engineer is to develop user interfaces. So what is a user interface? It is all the websites you can see on the Internet, as well as the first interface of the mobile App, such as taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other visible pages. For businesses, if your product looks like a phishing site and is extremely difficult to use, unless the site is a necessity, such as a government website, 99% of your users will leave the site the second it comes in, or never come back. Companies spend a lot of energy and money optimizing databases, optimizing server loads, but your customers don’t get the first sense of reliability. If your system interface is ugly, then the customer’s first feeling is that the system is not good, do not buy your account. On the other hand, if you spend a little time creating a new style interface, the customer’s first impression is that the system is cool and high-tech, and he will want to keep using it. It is for this reason that the enterprise demands more and more “user experience”, and the Web front-end development engineer is becoming more and more important.

In June 2019, China’s 5G commercial license was officially released, which also indicates that a new wave of technology is coming. The improvement of 5G bandwidth speed affects the improvement of the complexity of the traditional Web surface. For example, during the transformation from 2G to 4G, the surface has progressed from the original WAP text-only hyperlink era to the 4G full-picture video era. 5G will certainly bring great changes to websites, but it certainly can’t be accomplished overnight. Because the corresponding supporting facilities also need to be gradually improved, such as hardware performance and browser processing speed. And the server rendering (SSR) is certainly one of the shortcut, light front end heavy background, 5G is a bridge, put the rendering in the background, unlike isomorphism so simple, need to pay attention to and optimize the rendering performance. WebAssembly may see rapid growth in this opportunity, as it can seamlessly integrate multiple backend languages, and the optimization of backend rendering will lead to changes in front-end page development models and technical architectures. In the 5G era of everything interconnection, there will be VR, wearable devices, carrier systems, intelligent projection, intelligent interaction and other new application scenarios. The Web front end will directly engage in various vertical fields, which also means that the front end will have a broader space for development, and with the commercialization of 5G, a new group of Internet giants will be born.

Compared to Java development, PHP development, and other back-end development languages, learning Web front-end development is easier for career changers to get into. Also, the Web front end does not require strong logical thinking, does not require the same auditing as an application, and has less knowledge of computers and the Internet of things than embedded systems. Generally speaking, as long as you type the code correctly, whatever you type will be displayed on the home page. The employment prospects of the Web front end are broad. Generally speaking, the career development direction of the Web front end position can be senior Web front end engineer, senior Web architect, and self-entrepreneurship. Experienced Web front-end engineers need to focus on technology research, as long as enough patience, accumulated, the probability of success is very high; Experienced Web architects generally pay high salaries, but they require extensive knowledge, back-end technology, DBA, Platform, and the ability to actually do projects.

(four) Web front-end development engineers good employment, high salary front-end can access the scope is also very wide, so choose to learn front-end is a very good choice, in-depth study can write a set of website based on Node, also can write back-end. And the development of the front end is very fast, throughout the long history, the rise of the front end only a few years, has developed to the present point. And the front end is also very suitable for girls, in the IT industry, the front end of the girls can account for about 40 percent of the industry. Therefore, I want to switch to the front end of learning. The first reason is that it has remarkable effects. Even if you just start to write Hell World, the simple styles will make you feel incredible. And the front end of the job post is very much now, we can go to the city to look on the recruitment website, know.

(5) Software tools required for web front-end learning

Early stage: EditPlus3 software. (Don’t use software with code prompts early on, this will give you a good foundation.)

Pass the beginner stage: Sublime Text3 development tools, HBuilder development tools, WebStorm (choose one of these, depending on your preference)

The front end of learning is the key to perseverance, if there is no foundation, early learning will certainly be a little painful, stick to the past, the next will be a lot of smooth and simple. Before do front-end as long as understand HTML+JS+CSS, but now different. The development of Serverless makes the front end more involved in the construction of the middle and background. If you want to be more professional, you must master more Server knowledge and more back-end technology.

2020 is the year of front-end convergence, but it is both an opportunity and a challenge for front-end practitioners. The opportunity is that the ceiling of front-end development is getting higher and higher, and the imagination is getting bigger and bigger; The challenge is the increasing demand for good front-end developers. The development direction tends to be diversified and the real versatile talent is scarce. If you choose the Web front end, then you must pay more attention to the field dynamics, expand the scope of knowledge, and find their own specialization direction to study, not a little bit.

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