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1. The following is correctThe radio

  • A. <link src="mystyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="style"/>
  • B. <! dOcTyPe htML>
  • C. <image src="mypic.jpg">
  • D. <input type=" file ">

2. Which of the following is not a common way to split code in Webpack?The radio

  • A. This parameter can be configured when importing file Settings
  • B. CommonsChunkPlugin
  • C. Dynamic Imports
  • D. GulpIncludeFile
2. CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: CommonsChunkPlugin: Commons chun 3. Segmentation by inline function calls of modules, this article will mainly analyze this method in combination with vue-RouterCopy the code

3. () is the smallest unit of the React application and is used to describe the output on the screen.The radio

  • Elements of A.
  • B. expression
  • C. instruction
  • D. DOM

4. One feature that is not a dynamic web page is:The radio

  • A. Dynamic web pages can display different content each time
  • B. Dynamic web pages with animations
  • C. Dynamic web pages contain server-side code
  • D. Dynamic web pages generally need database support

#container{margin:0 auto; width:780px; } The meaning of this code:The radio

  • A. Center fixed width pages
  • B. The variable width page is centered

5. A website is a collection of linked pages.The radio

  • correct
  • error

A web page is a plain text file containing HTML tags. HTML Text Markup Language, or HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), is a Markup Language used to describe web pages. A website is not just a collection of linked pages, it has many other elements

6. Which of the following is a cast?The radio

  • A. parseInt(’12px’)
  • B. !! ‘true’
  • C. ‘1’+2
  • D. 1+2
Convert to numeric type: Number(mix), parseInt(string,radix), parseFloat(string) convert toString type: toString(radix), string (mix) convert to Boolean: Boolean(mix)Copy the code

7. Use the enter key to force a line break.The radio

  • correct
  • error

What data types are supported in jquery Ajax?multi-select

  • A. xml
  • B. json
  • C. html
  • D. jsonp
Data types supported in jQuery Ajax: XML: returns an XML document, which can be used for jQuery processing. HTML: returns plain text HTML information, containing script tags that are inserted into the DOM for execution. Script: Returns plain text JavaScript code, which is not cached automatically. Json: Returns JSON data. 5. Jsonp: is in JSON format. Calling a function using JSON 6. Text A plain text stringCopy the code

9. The following methods are used for CSS 2D3D transformation methodsmulti-select

  • A. translate()
  • B. scale()
  • C. matrix()
  • D. rotate()
Translate: Moves elements along the X and Y axes. 2. Rotate () : specifies the Angle in the parameter. 3. Scale () : Scale transforms to change the width and height of the element. Skew () : skew conversion along the X and Y axes. Matrix () : transformation, using a matrix of six values. 3D transform: 1, rotateX() method 2, rotateY() rotation 3, Transform properties 4, 3D transform methodCopy the code

10. In which of the following styles can inline (non-blocky) elements be defined for width and height?The radio

  • A. display:inline
  • B. display:none
  • C. display:block
  • D. display:inherit

11. When editing a web page, press Ctrl+Shift+ space to insert the HTML source code asThe radio

  • A. &nbsp
  • B. &nbsp;
  • C. &sbnp
  • D. &sbnp;

12. Which of the following is the syntax for “immutable size” in the framework?The radio

  • A. <img src="URL"border=? >
  • B. <center></center>
  • C. <address></address>
  • D. <frame noresize>

13. In React, which of the following are lifecycle methods?multi-select

  • A. componentDidUpdate
  • B. componentDidMount
  • C. shouldComponentUpdat
  • D. shouldDidMount

14. How can I use Loader in Webpack?multi-select

  • A. configure
  • B. the inline
  • C. CLI
  • D. Export

15. The type attribute of the element can be?multi-select

  • A. image
  • B. checkbox
  • C. select
  • D. button

16. Which of the following HTML tags is written correctlymulti-select

  • A. <INPUT Type="text"/>
  • B. <input style="text"/>
  • C. <input type="hidden" value=" data ">
  • D. <a SRC =""> Jump link </a>

17. Which of the following statements is not true?multi-select

  • A. break Is used to skip an iteration of the loop
  • B. The continue statement is used to break out of the loop
  • C. Switch statements are used to perform different actions based on different conditions
  • D. the while statement executes a code block as long as the condition is true
The break statement "breaks" the loop. The continue statement "skips" an iteration in the loop. The switch statement is used to execute different actions based on different conditions. The while statement executes a block of code as long as the condition is specified as true.Copy the code

18. Relatively positioned elements do not overlap with other elements.The radio

  • A. right
  • B. errors

19. The following statements are not trueThe radio

  • A. XHTML is the stricter and purer version of HTML
  • B. XHTML is supported by all major browsers
  • C. XHTML is almost identical to HTML 5
  • D. XHTML refers to extensible Hypertext Markup Language

20. Explicit type conversion is when the system automatically converts data from one type to another when the program is running, based on current needs.The radio

  • correct
  • error

Explicit type conversion refers to the use of functions to actively convert JS data types, while implicit type conversion refers to the application automatically converting the type while the program is running.

21. Which of the following is the syntax for “list-style images” in THE CSS language?The radio

  • A. width: < value >
  • B. height: < height >
  • C. white – space: < value >
  • D. List-style-image: < value >

22. The hidden properties in CSS areThe radio

  • A. Overflow:hidden
  • B. Show:hidden
  • C. Display:none
  • D. Clear:both

23. What is the essence of a web page?The radio

  • A. the image
  • B. plain text
  • C. Executable files
  • D. Compression of images and text

24. In Vue, which of the following belong to<router-link>Related attributes?multi-select

  • A. replace
  • B. ngIf
  • C. to
  • D. go

Router-link Prop

25. Which of the following is the correct way to declare strings?multi-select

  • A. var str = ‘I love China’
  • B. var str = new String(‘I love China’)
  • C. ${name} love China
  • D. I love China