Full of feelings, graduation has reached 4 years.

I think of the things I learned programming in college, which is of great significance. Here I would like to record a review.

I hope that my original intention has not changed and I will move forward bravely

Present and Past

At present, I am working in a company in Tianjin as a software developer. I mainly do C# desktop development, sometimes I also write some Android, but my main skills are C# and ASP.NET.

Is it surprising that I have been working in this company since my graduation internship?

After all, I was still in the company at the beginning when all my classmates had already changed at least three units. He was surprised and felt inconceivable.

In the second semester of the senior year in 2017, many students in our class had left the school, which was also tacitly approved by the school at that time.

In fact, it is to improve the entry rate, so that the students who do not take the postgraduate entrance examination and the public entrance examination can find a job as soon as possible and enter the workplace as soon as possible.

I am very grateful that the school has such a policy, which solves the problem that I can’t do my internship without attending classes in the second semester of my senior year. In fact, I am also very confused, why the senior year is arranged, basically only one class a day, and many students are not in school, each class only left in the postgraduate entrance examination and entrance examination of the public students, there are less than 15 students.

Maybe every university is in a dilemma when it comes to ranking senior courses.

I am to repeat read a year just reluctantly admitted to the university (two local colleges and universities), the first year of high three is basically spent in the Internet bar playing games, do not know study at all, also did not want to do the determination of the plan for oneself in the future, every day muddled, the day is like a year. Looking back now, I really want to slap myself a few times, so good resources, so much time was wasted by myself.

Re-study that year, it can be said is precious time such as gold, know the study, but also quit the game. Basic all year round in the study, because know oneself and others gap.

In fact, thanks to my mother and uncle (and the rest of the family), without whom I would never have returned for any reason. At that time, after the examination, I was ready to register for a junior college to learn auto maintenance, and I envisioned opening an auto repair factory. I think I can do whatever I like, why do I have to go to re-study, to study, but also to take an examination of the university. (I don’t know where I got that confidence, and I want to slap myself again)

The first year of the college entrance examination I took an examination of 369 points, at that time Shaanxi’s two score line is 461. It seems that just can go up 3 colleges and universities, but I do not want to let more money inside the home to go up college directly, learn a skill alongside the body. But twist but parents and relatives advised, they painstakingly advised me, advised me to repeat, give me a list of the benefits of various repeat, finally I went to repeat.

In fact, at that time his heart face clear, his foundation is too poor, even if repeat a year also may not be able to take an examination of two. Mainly is the difference of too much, take the result of the test at that time, still difference of 90 points.

Re-study that year, basically did not rest, has been learning, I remember at that time and a few friends together to organize the establishment of a study group, every day go out in the morning and come back at night to study together. Maybe it was a year of good luck or hard work that paid off. The second year of the score line actually dropped to 435 points, I also good luck of the 455 points, than the two points higher 20 points (in fact, look to now and other people than, the gap is very, very big, but for himself at that time, or more lucky). That’s a big improvement of 86 points (please yourself).

When filling in the application, I really want to go to Chengdu, so I applied for a school in Chengdu as my first choice.

To fill in the professional, actually for myself at that time, don’t know what to learn in the future, may now of high school students more independent, network so developed, there are many ways to learn, might have identified yourself to learn professional, but for me, then you can think of is learn machinery manufacturing, was a rough understanding of mechanical manufacture specific is stem what of, So did. The rest of the several volunteers are reported in Shaanxi Province, are basically machinery manufacturing leading.

I vaguely remember that I specially applied for the major of Internet of Things Engineering at that time. During the process of learning about it, I felt that it might be a big fire in the future (it didn’t catch fire in 2021, but actually it was a fire, and Hongmeng distributed system was a fire). This major was newly opened in 2013 and was very popular in the country. Every school was offering Internet of Things Engineering. I casually learned about it at that time and filled it into the first major of my final choice. Thinking that it is impossible to enter anyway, after all, I still have 4 volunteers in front of me, so many professional, how can I come to the last volunteer (slap a face).

Often fate makes people, and finally was inadvertently chosen by the Internet of Things engineering major admitted. (Very glad, almost slipped)

The Internet of Things Engineering of our university is assigned to the Department of Computer Science. As it is a new major opened by our university, we have little previous experience. The four-year course arrangement in the university includes both software and hardware. That is to say, after graduation, we can not only stay up late to work overtime to knock the code, but also to get up the board.

But for undergraduate students of us, everything is better than the same fine.

When I first entered the school in 2013, I learned that the school had a policy at that time. In the senior year, the department would organize students to attend training in Xi ‘an, which cost about RMB 20, 000 (Danei, Chuanzhibo Pod, Huaqing Invision, etc.). After the training, students were very good at finding jobs, and the school did not have to worry too much about it.

At that time big one of time, my in the mind silently hard, hui ah you these four years can be good hard work, but don’t arrive big four when looking for a job even to ask the home again to want 2W yuan to attend training.

Later on, I did not attend the training, and with the programming skills I learned in the lab during the four years of university, I managed to find a corresponding job. (You can see your resume at the end of the article.)

I came to Tianjin in February, 2017. I didn’t attend the training, so I came directly to work, which was lucky. The unit happened to be engaged in the development of C#, so it was logical for me to stay, although there were some other reasons, which were both right and wrong (I mainly did BS in school before, but CS in company after I came). However, I still continue to take the road of technology, which is basically the same as the career path I planned for myself in my junior year. The difference is that I came to Tianjin instead of Shanghai (I really wanted to go to Shanghai during my college years, because I thought only Shanghai could make a great career).

My university

During the four years in college, I gave my classmates a strange feeling. I spent most of my free time in the lab (with both WiFi and girls). I didn’t see anyone in the dormitory, but I could definitely be found in the project lab as long as I was there.

I remember that it was in the second semester of my freshman year that I was interviewed to enter the project lab. When I first came in, I felt that the B-bar was very high. The project lab was initiated by a Dr. Haihai who returned from his study in Japan in our Information Technology Institute (thank you very much, Mr. Xu). The main purpose is to create a medium between off-campus units and school students, so that students can get to know what kind of talents are really needed by off-campus units through contacting real projects, so that students can prepare and study in advance, and make an early plan for their future job hunting.

B high reason: Mr. Xu will occasionally organize training for us in the evening, usually the basic output is a mixture of Japanese and Chinese, particularly interesting. And regularly invited everyone to drink coffee (my current coffee habit may have been formed at that time).

At the beginning, I was a small Luo Luo. I moved the computer, cleaned the house, held activities to repair the computer, etc., which was basically such a job. Behind the sophomore year, junior year slowly followed the laboratory for begin to do projects, maintaining the school website WeChat (then officer of micro is for use of the SDK development), to participate in the school, such as urban students three creative contest, which also has won the prize of the works of, also has not the winning, but the project experience did indeed belongs to me.

In fact, the reason why I entered the laboratory at that time was very simple, because I wanted to avoid training after graduation. In the university period more independent learning, such as the senior resume above the project can be written. However, the longer I stayed, the more I found that I wanted to do more things. When I finally left, I was promoted by my teacher to be one of the leaders of the laboratory. I also led my junior classmates to participate in the creative project and learned programming knowledge with them.

The following picture shows the environment of the project lab at that time, which is very suitable for study. Besides, the Internet is fast and fast, and there is air conditioning. Occasionally, the teacher will speak a few words in Japanese to everyone, and invite everyone to drink coffee.

The most memorable thing for me is the chicken braised dumplings next to the school. Every time we have dinner together in the dormitory, the more we see, the more we feel.

How did I get into programming

In fact, there are several reasons for learning programming:

  • purpose

At that time, I worked hard to learn programming in the university for only one purpose, that is, I didn’t want to go to training when I graduated from the senior year. I wanted to learn technology well in the university, so I studied very hard. (Compared with other students, I just knew what I should do early, but compared with those students who were interviewed to enter Dachang after graduating from first-class universities, the gap is too big, and I still need to work hard).

  • Interest in

Professional courses include JAVA, C language and Android, but what teachers talk about in class is the most basic knowledge points in books, and the theoretical level is too heavy to be able to start to do projects immediately after learning them.

Although I learned Java and C languages in my major, I was interested in C#. At that time after learning JAVA, especially do not like the configuration environment, remember to use the IDE or Eclipse, in the environment configuration on the card for a long time before the configuration. Contrast is simple, quick learning c #, or JAVA too trouble, then feel good complex, slowly for their lost interest, has been and laboratory teachers and students in learning c # development, using c # to do projects, to participate in all kinds of games (now in turn thought, if had determined to learn JAVA, probably he would go a different way, After all, Java development is hot right now).

  • The money paid

At that time, I could earn money by doing projects and participating in competitions. Although it was not much, for me, as a student at that time, 1000~3000 was also a good source of income. I could buy some things that I had been reluctant to buy before or go out to have a good dinner with my roommates (braised chicken dumplings start).

  • Less known, less why

At that time, in the second semester of freshman year, many students and I signed up for the night class in the laboratory (the teacher explained how to learn C#), but when the senior year was about to graduate, the only ones still doing C# were me and my friend from the dormitory next door (Li Ganlong). In the process of learning together, some students, due to more or less a variety of reasons, gradually did not come at night and gave up. In fact, it’s quite normal. It happens when you don’t get feedback on something or you don’t see a payoff in a short time.

I don’t know why, but Gan Long and I stuck to it. Basically, every day, as long as there was no big class arrangement, we stayed in the lab with the computer and keyboard to study (watching videos, reading books, typing codes). Now it suddenly occurred to me that we still miss the time when we worked hard together with our friends.

How to Learn to Program

Actually talking about the topic of how to learn programming, oneself also can say some words more or less, after all, oneself also work against the interests and trying to break into the programming this gate, but also know that power is not deep, still remains to be promoted in all aspects of ability, so the following only conclude when oneself how to learn programming, may be for you also may not be suitable for you, After all, everyone’s ability to learn, absorb and summarize is different.

  • Read books and official documents

Read the introductory book first, let oneself can understand the grammar, read the code that understands others to write.

According to the programming language syntax, can write some simple correct logic code. Things like sorting, using arrays, looping, recursion, etc. To note here, look at those thinner for the first point, the knowledge simple books, books don’t what started the whole ruby, the special thick, let oneself can take an interest in the programming, or just start the thick books, difficult points, May 3 ~ 5 days to learn your gave up, not the original. Remember that learning needs to be done step by step, not in a rush.

Look at the official documentation, for some programming languages, the official website will have a series of introductory tutorials, this is very important, the official things are a wide range of knowledge, and the audience is relatively wide, so it is easy to understand and get started.

Whether reading or the official tutorial should take the initiative to knock the code in a timely way, for the examples in the book or the case of the official website tutorial, at the beginning, you need to knock a local article, you can directly control the implementation first, see if you can run successfully, and then slowly understand and modify. As you go through the process, you will find that the process is a process of positive feedback. You’ll feel the pride and satisfaction you get when you type a project into the compiler, bit by bit, and it works (do it often, and every bit of success is what keeps you going).

  • See the video

In the second stage, you can watch some programming videos on the Internet, such as the tutorials on Site B or the training courses of some workshops (available online). A lot of programmers are now making a series of top-quality programming tutorials at Site B, and if you look for them, you can find them.

Watch the video to strengthen your understanding of the knowledge point, see how others make, explain a knowledge point, whether it is the same as you first read a book or watch the official tutorial to understand.

In the process of watching video, you also need to control method to realize the author’s own locally, sometimes you will find that the author realize immediately understand, but when you in the local implementation will encounter all sorts of problems, maybe you can take 1 can’t solve all day, ha, ha, ha, don’t lose heart, this is normal).

At that time, when I was learning C#, I read the training materials of Dark Horse programmers. There were several G’s, which seemed to be purchased by seniors on Taobao. We read, understood and learned together, and discussed and analyzed things we didn’t understand.

  • Do the project

Doing projects is the ultimate goal. Only by doing projects can we sum up those scattered knowledge points and form a line. Working on a project can also give you a sense of accomplishment, especially when you see what you’ve built over the course of months, bit by bit.

If you are in school, you can participate in some competitions, such as the college students’ third innovation (innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship) competition, and work together with classmates to conceive and realize a project according to an ID.

In the process of participation, you will find that what you have learned before may be more or less useful. You will find how proud and satisfied you are when you take the project you have done together to participate in the competition and explain to leaders at all levels in suits and shoes.

Then there are projects where you can earn extra money, such as creating websites for certain departments of the university, or working with teachers on research projects.

  • Writing a blog

Blogging. You may be wondering why I put blogging here alone.

The following address and screenshot are the blog I created in the blog park when I was learning C#, mainly to write some knowledge points and summarize the various problems encountered in the programming process.

Blog park:https://www.cnblogs.com/netxi…

Now when I look back at what I wrote, I feel so childish. What I wrote. If I had to do it again now, I feel I could write tens of thousands of times better blogs than then. It was there, it was there to prove my learning process, it was there to show me where I was.

Blogging has a lot of benefits, and if you pay attention, a lot of big shots have it.

  • Blogging allows you to organize your thoughts. It allows you to organize the ideas that come to you.
  • Important knowledge points can be recorded for easy review.
  • You can help others, when they have the same problem as you, they can refer to your solutions.
  • It can help you in your job search (include your blog in your resume so interviewers will notice).
  • Get psychological achievements to make yourself more confident (the blog is like your own learning experience, the more information you have, the more information you have).

Below is my resume from my junior year, which is still full of skill points.

Message to college students

Here, I would like to talk to the college students as someone who has been through it. You can really say that you have the advantage, time and prospect than ever before.

  • Set a goal

You first need to find out what your interests are. You now have the opportunity and the cost of trial and error to try everything you feel you want to do. You can expose yourself to as many different industries as possible without compromising your studies. After deciding what you want to do in the future, get to know and prepare in advance.

  • Seize the time

You have a lot of time in college. You can play video games, stay up late with your roommates, and go shopping everywhere. But you’ve got to keep your head clear, you’ve got to allocate time to what you’re going to be doing, you’ve got to plan ahead, you’ve got to allow yourself to grow. Here’s a quote from Warren Buffett: “Life is like rolling a snowball. The most important thing is to find the wet snow and the long hill.” .

  • Dare to take a different path

You may not fit in, you may be misunderstood by others, you need to go out, dare to break a hole in a fish tank of warm water, dare to be different, you don’t need to be the silent majority.

Maybe you don’t understand it now, maybe you don’t like it, but I have to tell you this: it doesn’t matter. What matters is your growth. You need to know that loneliness is a normal part of life.

Recent Thoughts

  • Don’t All In at any time, hold back, and save your back for the people you trust most.
  • You need to learn all the time, improve yourself, and have the consciousness of lifelong learning.
  • Work is work, life is life, and you should know that the ultimate purpose of work is to live a better life.

Small remarks

I have written more than 5000 words imperceptibly, and I do not know why I suddenly want to summarize my college experience.

Graduation has been four years, this article also counts oneself to the university career farewell, to the student time message, hope is reading this article you, can be helpful.

If you are a student, I hope my experience can enlighten you. If you are a professional, I hope to let you see that you are working hard at the moment.

Life is short, and I don’t want to go for what I can’t see, I just want to catch what I can see.

I am A Hui, thank you for your reading, if it is helpful to you, trouble attention, thumb up, thank you.

Welcome to scan the two-dimensional code below, pay attention to my original public number [Andy A Hui], write some programmer’s thoughts, I hope it is helpful to you.