PS: after a few weeks of correction, in the face of ups and downs mentality is getting better and better.

This project uses the API provided by Android for development and adopts MVP architecture. In this project, Flutter and native hybrid development are used to realize some functions, such as registration and login function. Excellent open source frameworks such as Dagger2, Retrofit and RxJava2 are used. The project has been fully transferred to androidx. Since daily work rarely touches on the development of commonly used apps, it is used as a training project to develop in business time. If you just need a complete project to practice, it is absolutely suitable for you.

Because the project was built early, dependency injection framework Dagger2 has not been replaced with Hilt, which is more useful. Hilt and the recently popular declarative UI writing method Compose are also components of the Jetpack family. We’ll iterate through it with new branches and see what happens next.

Realize the function

  • Log in to register
  • Home page article
  • Project classification
  • The knowledge system
  • The article details
  • Collection function
  • Integral information
  • My share
  • App to upgrade
  • To be continued

Effect of the project

Apk download experience


The follow-up plan

First as a try their project to the introduction of new technology, of course, keep update technology, and reflect on the project, then continue to add new module, optimization show details, such as the current version of Jane’s book was optimized the display of the article, there are other niche sites article shows for optimization, priority is not regular follow-up will complete the following modules:

  • The article search
  • The interview panel
  • Ask a day
  • Reading history
  • The dark theme
  • Continue to add…

I have little input during this period, so I can find a reason to comfort myself and blame it on the adjustment period after the New Year. I hope to come back with full blood later and continue to work hard. The project address is attached below: JzmanWanAndroid, to give encouragement to star.

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