Lesson Five: Not Enough Capital, Open Source

Open up the Goose Law

In the previous course, we learned about five types of investment products. If you want to make money from investment, it is necessary to increase your principal. Increasing principal is the process of raising the goose. The fatter the goose, the more eggs it will lay. The main source of the principal is to make money through open source to increase active income.

We can call this method “open source goose method”, is to open source to earn active income, and then use this money as the investment principal, so that you can earn passive income. Open source can be interpreted as increasing the number of ways to make money. If we think of our wealth as a reservoir, open source is adding multiple inlets.

It sounds easy to understand, but in fact, many people’s understanding of open source is still in the primitive stage, they think that open source is nothing more than doing one more job, a job is exhausting, which has no time to do one more job, even if there is time, there is no energy.

Stop, have the above idea of people, in fact, is not understood, open source is also hierarchical. Most poor people are fighting for time to make money, so when they think of open source, their first reaction is to fight for time.

The rich, on the other hand, are always thinking about getting the most out of each unit of time rather than spending it.

For example, working eight hours a day makes $20 an hour. What the poor consider is to add time, change 8 hours to 18 hours, although this can earn more, but the 24 hours a day forever unchanged, can earn money is always limited. The rich people are thinking about overtime pay, changing their income from 20 per hour to 200 or more, as long as they are able to make money, there is no cap at all.

Open source is also the same reason, smart people open source, the use of time is not the length of time, but the value of time.

Three levels of open source

Specifically, open source is divided into three levels: the first level, open source small white, a time to sell once. In other words, Cuihua opened an amateur nail salon to earn some extra money. Every time he did a nail salon, he got an income. If he didn’t do it, he couldn’t make money.

This is the practice of open source small white, a time to sell once, want to make more money, you have to spend more time, do several manicures. The second level, open source talent, a time to sell many times. Cuihua found that the nail shop is too inefficient to make money, she simply put the method of manicure written articles, with pictures, as a paid tutorial on the Internet; This has built up a loyal, paying fan base. Cuihua write a manicure tutorial only a time, but can get many people to pay, this is the practice of open source talent, a time to sell more than the third level, open source god, buy other people’s time, low to buy higher. Later, Cuihua found that by writing a tutorial alone, it still took a lot of energy, and the speed of the article update was too slow to meet the needs of fans. So Cuihua hired three manicure enthusiasts to help her update her manicure lessons, and all she needed to do was review them. This is the open source god approach, buy other people’s time, buy low to buy high.

Through the process of Cuihua all the way to upgrade, we understand the three levels of open source. Looking back at the life of the poor, we will find that moving bricks is actually a time only sold once, which belongs to the lowest level of open source Xiaobai.

So the question is: for the general proletarian people, how can they sell a share of time many times, or buy other people’s time to make money for themselves?

Be an open source enthusiast

Buying other people’s time needs a certain amount of capital, but also responsible for the labor of others, it is relatively difficult to do; However, even if we can not do open source god, do an open source master can also dump others eight streets. To sell a piece of time many times, there is a very low threshold, particularly efficient method, that is to use the Internet, publish their own work.

To put it more clearly, it is to put your knowledge, experience or skills online in the form of text, audio, video or live broadcast to attract traffic. For example, someone is particularly good at primary school math, on the Internet to explain some typical math problems; Someone is proficient in fitness and yoga, on the Internet to teach you the method of weight loss and shape; Some people are painting master, on the Internet to teach you to learn to draw on a zero basis…… As long as you have talent, the Internet is a platform for cash; Once you’ve accumulated enough traffic, you’ll get paid or rewarded multiple times for each article or video you produce. Some people may ask: I can’t sing, dance, or write, except for the daily necessities around me, there is almost nothing outstanding, what works can I release? If you’re living a life of daily necessities, write an article or make a video of some of your hacks, such as how to get rid of grease in your kitchen easily, or how to clean your Windows more cleanly. If your life consists of parenting, post some of your parenting tips online, such as how to choose a cost-effective diaper or how often to take your baby swimming.

If you’re a joker, have a live stream of jokes, or record a humorous video with regular updates.

If you know nothing and you can eat, that’s pretty good. Show your food skills. Many people post video samples on the Internet, under the professional name of “food evaluation”, and the views are more than 10,000.

They can, and so can you. There is no shortage of people on the Internet who live in situations similar to your own, and as long as you have an open source mindset, having multiple incomes is easy.

In addition to the open source method described in today’s lecture, there are many simple and implementable methods, such as making money from your network, making money from your circle of friends, selling products that are different from others, etc. There is no shortage of money in the world. What is lacking is the eyes that find ways to make money.

Well, that’s all for today. Here’s a summary: First, open source “goose” method, is to open source to earn active income, and then use this money as the principal of investment, so as to earn passive income. Second, open source is divided into three levels, the first level, open source white, a time to sell once; The second level, open source talent, a time to sell many times; The third level, open source god, buy other people’s time, low buy higher. Third, how to sell a share of time multiple times? There is a low threshold, efficient method, that is to put their knowledge, experience or skills, in the form of text, audio, video or live broadcast, to attract traffic.

Lesson 6: Buying a fund is as easy as buying a lipstick

The mystery of lipstick and fund

Boys always hard to understand, why so many girls lipstick brands, YSL, Diao, Armani, Chanel and so on, the color looks like no difference at all. What is more puzzling to boys is that girls are also keen to buy lipstick in groups.

For a limited edition lipstick suit, the way a girl gets it is like this. Method one: let boyfriend or husband send directly. Method two: call two or three bestie, buy back a set of a few people points. Of course, gift-giving, which requires luck, is not for every girl. Let’s talk about method two. 2-3 girls who are in a good relationship, each spend a little money and buy a suit together. This kind buys means, buy with respect to similar fund actually.

What is the fund?

For example, I am good at investing and make money every year. My friends admire my ability and ask me to invest and make money for them.

So $50,000, $100,000, these little things, you end up with $2 million. I’m going to take that $2 million and invest it professionally.

You put money in, you hold some of these 2 million dollars, and that’s the fund.

Fund, is the fund company to collect investors’ money, according to the regulations of the Securities Regulatory Commission, a variety of investment investment products.

Under normal conditions, funds purchased through various channels, such as banks, fund companies and third-party platforms, are strictly regulated, and fund managers can only use the money to invest, without direct access to it.

So our money is relatively safe.

Fund Manager: You chip in, I chip in

Different according to investment concept, fund can divide for active model fund and passive fund. Active fund is fund manager took our money to invest for us, invest the stock of which, the bond of which, it is decided by fund manager. Be proactive and look for above-average returns. Here are two things you need to know about active funds: The first is that they are too dependent on the fund manager.

This is decided by the operation mode of active fund. The fund manager and his team get investors’ money and decide which stocks to buy, when to buy and how much to buy. If you have a good eye and choose a superior fund manager among thousands of stock funds in the market, congratulations, he can help you outperform the market and get excess returns. But this thing is not as easy as imagined. Judging from historical data, few fund managers can beat the market for a long time. Second, transaction costs are high.

The fund manager and the team work so hard to help you invest, there is no credit but also hard work, it is natural to pay a little money to them.

So, of fund of each company initiative purchase cost, redemption cost, management cost not cheap. These higher fees will ultimately drag down your actual earnings.

To sum up, want to pick out a high yield, reliable active fund, not easy!

Share god’s favorite – index fund

Say that finish active fund, we will tell passive fund. Passive fund, call index fund again. When it comes to index funds, there’s Warren Buffett.

Over the 42 years from 1965 to 2006, Berkshire, the investment company he runs, grew in net worth by an average of 21.46% a year. It’s 20%+ a year. You don’t know anything about it, you turn around and forget it. Let’s assume that you now take 100,000 yuan to follow the god of investment, then 42 years later, your total assets will exceed 350 million. The reason why the god of stocks is called the god of stocks is because he has made gains unimaginable to ordinary people through his investments. However, the stock god, once made a will, put it in black and white: after his death, asked his family to invest 90 percent of his assets in index funds. Yes, you heard me right, 90% of assets, not Coca-Cola, not McDonald’s, but index funds. Buffett launched a 10-year bet in 2008 with a $500, 000 bet that an S&P 500 index fund would beat any portfolio of active stock funds in 10 years. At the time, only one fund manager took up the fight. In 2018, when 10-year bets ended, the average S&P 500 rose 85 percent, while the portfolio of managers who bet against him rose just 22 percent. Warren Buffett once said that by investing regularly in index funds, an amateur investor who knows nothing can beat most investment experts.

So I had the lazy idea: Buffett is the god of stocks, his investment certainly not wrong, I simply learn his investment.

What he invested, I followed what he invested, he made money, I also made money. Of course, if he loses money, I’ll lose money too. But I’m sure the gods won’t lose.

That’s how index funds work. Index funds, the fund manager is not actively seeking to outperform the market performance, copy the entire investment of others, do not require you to spend too much energy to make choices.

Operation in ten minutes – the fund is fixed

Index funds, where you can start investing as long as you have $100 on hand; You follow a strategy and change with the same. Every month fixed cast also spend less than 10 minutes of time, come down for a long time, can obtain and stock god similar earnings, simply office workers, no money party necessary investment skills, no one. What is a set shot? It’s a fixed amount of money on a fixed date. For example, on the first day of every month when the company pays you, you can transfer $1,000 out of your paycheck and put it into an index fund of your choice. Repeat this once a month.

There are many advantages to making a monthly investment rather than a direct one. First, the investment threshold is very low. It’s much easier to put out 100 yuan a month than 20,000 yuan at once. Second, the operation is very simple, a fixed time every month to invest a sum of money in the selected fund, do not need to spend a long time to analyze the company; In addition, you can spread out the cost of your investment. The price of an index fund fluctuates, so you are not sure if you are buying the cheapest one at a time. Finally, a fixed deposit can be used as a mandatory savings account, where money is transferred into a fund account every month without being consumed at a whiz-bang. In investment, we are unable to accurately find an index fund, the lowest price, after the highest rise, but we can find a relatively low price through the strategy of good funds. While in theory you can make money over the long term by investing in an index fund, there are strategies that can yield twice as much or more. Having said this, some students will still be a lot of doubts: you said so much, but the actual market fund varieties still have a lot of, how do I find the most suitable for their own fund? What do you mean by a fixed investment strategy that makes money efficiently?

Well, don’t worry, there are a lot of fund investment strategies out there, and if you want to find one that’s really right for you, you need to invest some time and effort. Now, let’s sum up the knowledge points of this lesson: 1, fund, is the fund company to collect investors’ money, according to the rules of the Securities Regulatory Commission, a variety of investment products. 2, according to the different investment philosophy, the fund can be divided into active fund and passive fund. 3. The two disadvantages of active funds are that they are too dependent on fund managers and have high transaction costs. 4. The advantage of fixed fund investment is that the investment threshold is very low; The operation is very simple; Dilution of investment costs; Compulsory savings.

Lesson 7: Count Your Assets. Maybe You’re a Hidden Rich

Luxury cars and mansions, are they assets

First of all, let me ask you a question. If you have a relative who suddenly becomes very rich and gives you a Ferrari 458, and it is the kind of free gift that severes the relationship, is this Ferrari your asset or your liability?

You may think, Ferrari ah, or my favorite 458 series, which can be worth more than 4 million in cash, go out to slip a circle loaded × value instantly full case! You don’t have to pay for one. Of course it’s an asset. Imagine, the sunset, you drag the hand of the little sister you like, driving Ferrari Mercedes on the sea road, beautiful beautiful……

Stop, stop, this is not the time for daydreaming. Would you laugh if I told you how much a Ferrari costs? Among other things, the purchase tax on the Ferrari alone will cost $380,000, not to mention the insurance and license plates on the car, which will cost at least $500,000.

Some friends may say, if you can afford to eat crab for 100 yuan, why don’t you even want to buy Shanxi vinegar for 5 yuan? What is $500,000 compared to $4 million? What if I told you there was money for repairs and upkeep? It was said on the forum that if you break a speed bump, it is said that the repair cost will be 6 figures… Don’t blame me for crushing your daydreaming dreams, but what I really want to tell you is that a speed bump can wipe out half a year’s income, and even without breakdowns, a Ferrari for an ordinary person like you is not going to bring you any income other than a little bit of vanity. Instead, you have to spend a lot of money on it. So, a Ferrari is not an asset to you, it’s a liability. Similarly, we live in a house, on the surface we have a set of their own house, but after buying, we have to pay taxes for it, loan, decoration and so on, some communities also have to pay property fees. All of this is going to cost money. Your house really isn’t an asset unless you intend to sell it or rent it out. So how do you differentiate between assets and liabilities so how do you differentiate between assets and liabilities? In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, assets and liabilities are defined as: assets are things that put money in your pocket; A liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. What makes you money? Stock, fund, the house that can collect rent! What’s burning money? Self-use cars, bags that need regular maintenance (can’t be resold), etc. If there is a friend of accounting and finance majors are the assets and liabilities may have a more understanding of written, but think about the nature of assets and liabilities is such, want to understand the junior partner, can oneself to study after class oh ~ by the above mention it, friends is automatically opened reflection mode? What I thought was an asset turned out to be a liability for the most part! Some people still rely on their own “car and house” to start a life of free buying, but they have no idea that they have “deep debt”, which is an exaggeration, but it’s true that you can’t buy freely.

Many people have a similar puzzle when they go shopping: How come I spend so much every month when I don’t buy anything random? Go to a supermarket to buy is the necessities of life ah, how every time go to have to spend hundreds!

There is no lack of those who know the bookkeeping “excellent students”, although the account is remembered, but look back at their own spending a year, or can not control their spending profligate.

The root cause of this is that there is no clear distinction between what is “necessary”, what is “need” and what is “want”.

Distinguish between “need”, “need” and “want”

Let’s talk about necessity first. Necessity is what you need to live a basic life, something you won’t die of.

For example, if you don’t drink water, you’ll die. If you don’t pay your rent, you’ll die. After all, you can’t sleep on the street. Food, clothing, shelter and transportation are all included in necessity. Need is what can improve the quality of life slightly on the basis of necessity. It is satisfaction on the basis of necessity. For example, drink milk, add some nutrition! Or, eat a fruit every day, take some vitamins to prevent constipation, and so on. However, some people can not distinguish between necessity and need, always feel that this is also necessary, that is also necessary. In fact, you can think from this idea: winter, I wear a cotton-padded jacket can keep warm against the cold, but I also bought a plush thick thermal underwear, cotton-padded jacket is necessary, plush thick thermal underwear is needed! I could eat a steamed bun to fill my stomach, but I went to eat a bowl of noodles. Steamed bread is necessary, noodles is needed! A single room is enough for me to live in, but I live in a suite with one bedroom and one living room with its own kitchen and bathroom. Single is necessary, the suite that one room one hall takes independent hutch to defend needs namely!

Need is a further satisfaction on the basis of necessity.

And want, in fact, is the portrayal of desire.

For example, I have a cotton-padded jacket, thermal underwear, I also want a pure cashmere woolen coat, this wear more slim, more beautiful! The woolen coat is just want!

I don’t want to eat steamed bread, I don’t want to eat noodles, I just want to eat a luxurious dinner! Deluxe meals are all about wanting.

I hate the single room is too narrow, and the location of a suite with one bedroom and one living room with independent kitchen and bathroom is not good. Finally, I choose a high-class apartment with two bedrooms and one living room with fine decoration, and the other room can just be used as a study. That’s what I want in a high-class apartment with fine decoration.

Some of you may shout, “Oops! According to what you say, I spend the most money on “wants”, but I can’t help it. My shopping behavior is based on “wants”.

That’s all right. That’s how it always starts. I’ll give you two tips.

The first trick, start accounting, or lazy words, you can directly flip over your Alipay consumption bill, the things that can not be used up to buy out of the circle, to avoid the next time to buy.

Second: If you are confused about your needs and desires. Here’s a simple, rude tip. Ask yourself before you buy something:

① Will you die if you don’t buy this?

After buying will die?

Will you die if you buy a cheap one?

Although the moment of opening a wallet and a payment code feels like a life or death decision. But for many shopaholics, if you don’t let them buy it, it’s like killing them. Once you get in control, you’ll get into the habit of making money, and gradually you’ll find that making money is much more fun than spending it.

Knock on the blackboard to highlight

So much for today’s lesson, let’s sum it up:

First, the definition of assets and liabilities. Assets are things that put money in your pocket. A liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.

Separate between “need”, “need” and “want”.

Necessity is what you need for basic living, something you won’t die of.

“Needs” are things that can go beyond what is necessary to improve your quality of life.

“Wanting” is a reflection of our desires.

Ask yourself before you buy:

① Will you die if you don’t buy this?

After buying will die?

Will you die if you buy a cheap one?

Lesson eight: pick up hundreds of pieces every year for nothing, want to

Treasury reverse repurchase

Most people have this characteristic: they like to pretend to be a bad guy. If everyone can understand something, it is not called high pretend bility. For example, I went to a restaurant once, and the lobby was so shiny and shiny that my vanity exploded. So, in order to satisfy his vanity, ordered a “Dutch black pepper beef flavor soup”, the price of 98 yuan, served only to find a bowl of Hu spicy soup, and the breakfast shop at the gate of the community is only 5 yuan.

In China, dishes can be complicated, and the more complicated the dish is, the more likely it is to arouse the desire to buy. But many investment products sound simple, because the simpler they are, the more likely they are to get people who don’t understand them to give money away. Poor people, this is a little bit of practice. If I tell you that there is an investment product that is simple to operate, low risk, and almost guaranteed to win. It’s called a reverse repurchase of Treasury bonds. I guess your first reaction is: trying to rip me off again! Then turn around and not take away a cloud. You can think so, the explanation studied the course seriously, do not know the knowledge to touch, very important. In fact, Treasury reverse repo is like a sweet orange. You peel it and you taste it.

To illustrate this investment, we can start with a simple story. In the third grade Chinese textbooks in the extra-curricular reading, there is a small theater, called the white-haired girl, do not know how much you still remember now, let’s briefly review the plot. There are three main characters in the play: the landlord Huang Shiren, the farmer Yang Bailao, and Yang Bailao’s daughter Xi ‘er. Huang Shiren is a landlord tuhao, Yang Bailao is a farmer diaosi. At the beginning of the year, Yang borrowed a lot of boxes of instant noodles from Huang and ate them in a jiffy. At the end of the year when Huang Shiren asked him to return, Yang Bailao spread his hands: “I have no money, instant noodles also finished, only a poor life, you look at it.” Huang shiren evil evil charm a smile: “when you borrow instant noodles, your wench xi son as pawn, now also not top instant noodles, that take xi son to pay off debt.”

It’s just a made-up story. There was definitely no instant noodles back then.

Change the protagonist in the story, Yang Bailao into financial institutions, creditor Huang Shiren into you, Xier into mortgage national debt, is national debt reverse repurchase.

The reverse repurchase of Treasury bonds is when a financial institution gives you the Treasury bonds as collateral to borrow money from you.

The secret of making sure

Treasury bonds are IOUs for the central government and are very safe because they are backed by the state. Corporations, banks and all kinds of large institutions will buy a certain percentage of Treasury bonds as a conservative investment.

Enterprises and institutions in the process of operation, sometimes lack of liquidity, will use the Treasury bonds to work around the capital.

For example, the chairman of a five-star hotel thinks that the smog this year is quite serious and he plans to install an air purification system, so he needs a working capital.

He didn’t consider bank loans because of the long cycle.

Finally, he used the bonds he bought as collateral and borrowed a working capital to buy an air purifier. The hotel every day has the guest room fee income, the turnover is quite convenient.

Enterprises use Treasury bonds as collateral to borrow money. When we lend money to them, we still have Treasury bonds in our hands even if we cannot repay the money when it is due. So it is not too much to describe Treasury reverse repos as a safe bet.

There are three steps

The specific operation of the reverse repurchase of Treasury bonds has three steps. Step one, open an account. To operate the national debt reverse repurchase, first of all you have to have a stock account, stock account can not only buy and sell stocks, but also buy bonds, funds, national debt reverse repurchase and other investment products. Opening an account is very simple, ID card, bank card and mobile phone, according to the online opening process, 10 minutes to get it done.

A good securities company, summed up as nine words: good service, network, low commission.

The company that serves well will give you a good user experience.

Bigger brokerage network is much, some business must go to the bar to deal with, print trade running water for instance, not convenient network. Trading commissions are paid for every subsequent trade, the lower the better.

In addition, download account brokerage APP must go to the official website, be careful Trojan poisoning, after all, investment is involved in real money.

Step 2: Step over the threshold.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) has a higher threshold. If you want to make a reverse repurchase, you need to have at least 10W yuan of working capital.

Shenzhen stock exchange (deep stock exchange) low class, 1000 yuan can participate in. At the very beginning, we can choose the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with a low threshold.

Reverse repos are available for one, seven, 14, or even 182 days, and the exact number of days is reflected in the code.

You can see all the reverse repurchase codes in the text.

Step 3: Sell shares.

First, log in to the software. Find 131810, the 1-day Treasury reverse repo, go to the corresponding page, and click the “Sell” button.

The reverse repurchase operation is the equivalent of “selling” our money at a reasonable price.

Then, confirm the order. To secure a deal, we need to sell at the same price as the “buy one” price, which is the rate at which you place the order. The higher the number, the more interest you will receive. However, this interest rate cannot be infinitely high.

On Thursdays, at the end of the month, at the end of a quarter, at the end of the year, interest rates tend to get higher when money is tight. Finally, check to see if the application was successful. After applying for, can click again entrust, see explain buy success really, mark is “already become”, explain buy success on behalf. If it doesn’t work, undo and try again. In addition, after the maturity of the national debt reverse repurchase, the funds will automatically flow to our account, no longer need to manually sell after buying like stock funds, really super worry – saving.

Knock the blackboard to draw the key okay, the content of this lesson is over here, these days learned a lot of investment products, do you feel that you have learned five cars, can rely on investment among the rich list? If it is so easy to get rich, why are there so many poor people in the world? Investing is not about getting rich overnight. If you want to learn to invest well, in the long run, or even for a lifetime, I have met and heard many rich people’s stories, although each one has its own way of becoming rich. But they all have one thing in common: they are constantly groping for the road of investment, creeping towards the place of light, one step a day, and finally a thousand miles.

Lesson 9: How many of the three biggest investments you’ve made in life

From the previous lessons, we have learned that investing can help us outperform inflation and bring us good returns. Moreover, we also learned the logic of various investment products to make money.

Since investment has such great benefits and can be operated by every ordinary person, it should be maintained for a long time. Investment is not a bet on luck, not a quick buck, not a quick run, it is our life practice. If we take the long view, we will see that investing is more than just making money. It has greater value for our entire life. Everyone should make three big investments in this life: investing money, investing time and investing yourself.

The investment money

The first is investing money. This is an important way to become rich. Poor people think of hard work as the only thing they can do and have active income all their lives. They don’t know the power of compound interest to make money grow money, so they have never had passive income. We often hear a term called “financial freedom.” What does it mean to be financially free? In fact, it is judged by passive income. When a person’s passive income can meet all the expenses of his daily life without spending active income, he will realize financial freedom.

In other words, a person achieves financial freedom when he can support himself solely from the money he earns from his investments. Therefore, the first major investment in life is to invest money, through money to make money, let us achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.

Investment of time

The second is investing time. Time is the fairest thing in the world. Whether it is Ma Yun who is rich and everyone wants to marry her, or the homeless who beg on the street and have no food to eat, every one of us has 24 hours a day. No one will have more or less.

So what we should do is not create more time, because it’s impossible. No one can get the 25th hour. What we should do is make the most of the time we have. In the same hour, Jack Ma can earn more than 100 million yuan, while the tramp may earn nothing. What we do with 24 hours a day is our investment. Poor people do not know how to invest their time, but how much time to work, but the time is always limited; What the rich fight for is not the length of time, but the value per unit of time, because the value of time can be infinite.

Invest yourself

Finally, and most importantly, invest in yourself. You may lose money by investing in stocks, but you will never lose money by investing in yourself. Investing in yourself is simple. If you start taking care of your skin and sun protection at 30, and you can still have firm skin and rosy complexion at 50 when your peers are already covered with bags and wrinkles, you are investing in yourself and your physical appearance.

Even more important than investing in the outside is investing in your inner self. Through learning, let oneself have more open mind, more rich knowledge; Through the establishment of the ability circle, let oneself have a broader network of contacts, broaden the horizon.

Those are the three investments in life: invest in money, invest in time, and invest in yourself. So, is there any way that we can make these three investments in one click? Of course we do — if we spent our time learning how to make money, we could make all three investments at once.

If you want the goose to lay eggs, fatten the goose first. In the income system we have established, the principal of the investment comes mainly from our active income. Active income where come, light can not rely on dead wages. Learn to make money fancy, keep a white fat goose, not much principal students especially practical.

The foundation had the big white goose, and had to make it lay eggs. With the money in hand, what to invest in? As a moderate risk, the return of considerable investment products, the fund is absolutely a mass – friendly choice.

As the stock saying goes, we can’t put our eggs in a basket and invest in a variety of investment products to diversify our investment risks. In addition to funds, stocks are also a good choice. Look for market entry positions, read public companies, and build your portfolio so that good companies make money for you.

I want you to remember the three biggest investments in life: investing in money, investing in time, and most importantly, investing in yourself. These three tips will benefit you for the rest of your life